Zombies Mode Returns In Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare As Paid DLC


Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare will herald the return of the franchise’s popular survival-based zombies mode as part of the game’s season pass, according to a GameStop press release.

The message reveals that the co-op mode will be included in the game’s content pack, along with four all-new multiplayer maps —namely Supremacy, Havoc, Ascendance and Reckoning — and the bonus Atlas Gorge arena for a total of $49.99.

Here’s a snippet from the GameStop information release:

“This just in, Zombies are back as part of the Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare season pass! Stop by any GameStop to pick up one of the most anticipated games to launch this year, along with 4-multiplayer map packs, Atlas Gorge, and yes – ZOMBIES. All this is available for purchase today GameStop as part of the Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare season pass for only $49.99.”

At this moment in time, Activision has kept the purported mode under wraps, and it’s still unclear whether the zombies will be sold separately or, in the worst case scenario, if users have to purchase the game’s season pass to unlock the beloved survival mode.

It’s worth noting that players who choose to forgo the additional purchase can still encounter zombies within Advanced Warfare’s co-op mode, Exo-Survival — a feat that takes quite a bit of dedication. Firstly, ardent users will have to complete all four of the difficulty tiers, thereby unlocking Riot Mode. From there, you’ll need to withstand eleven waves of normal, human enemies before a DNA bomb goes off, ushering in a hoard of the undead.

These reanimated corpses aren’t akin to those we’ve come to expect from the series, though, as Sledgehammer has upped the ante and equipped the zombies with exoskeletons to match your own.

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare is due to launch tomorrow, November 3rd. Keep an eye out as we’ll have our in-depth review of Sledgehammer’s maiden entry into the franchise in the coming days.