10 Actors Cast As The Wrong Characters In Comic Book Movies


Lucas Till

After watching X-Men: First Class, it was evident that Lucas Till was an excellent choice to portray Alex Summers/Havok. Yet, the subsequent films chose to largely ignore Till and most of his co-stars in favor of recreating the better known X-Men team, aka The Jennifer Lawrence Show.

If this was the plan all along, then maybe Till was chosen to play the wrong Summers brother in the first place. He certainly doesn’t the lack the smugness – or hair – to be Scott Summers/Cyclops. In fact, his role as Alex is more Cyclops-like than Tye Sheridan’s in X-Men: Apocalypse.

Out of all the breakout stars from X-Men: First Class, Till is probably the one with the most reason to be aggrieved. What appeared to be a long run in the mutant franchise ended up fizzling faster than Milli Vanilli’s career.

At least he’s MacGyver now. That’s gotta be some consolation, right?

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