10 Actors Who Despised Their Own Movies

10) Robert Pattinson – Twilight


It’s hard to tell what made Robert Pattinson hate Twilight more; playing a moody vampire who he described as “creepy in a serial killer kind of way” or that the franchise ignited a relationship with moody old Kristen Stewart. Personally, I’d assume the latter, but judging from interviews, Pattinson’s certainly been far more open about his feelings towards Edward Cullen.

According to Pattinson, the secret to playing the bloodsucker was simply to appear “slightly constipated and stoned,” wise words all actors should hold close when starring in a million dollar franchise.

Despite choosing a number of interesting roles post-Twilight, it appears that dear old R-Patz will ultimately be remembered most for playing the role of a douchebag vampire who sparkled like Ke$ha in the sunlight.

Speaking of R-Patz, whoever came up with that nickname should keep their doors locked, as Pattinson has publicly stated his intention to strangle that particular wordsmith.

9) Katherine Heigl – Knocked Up


Has there ever been a more irritating actress than Katherine Heigl? No. The answer is no.

Obvious questions aside, it’s hard to imagine why anyone would publicly denounce a successful and widely loved movie that helped propel them to stardom, but that’s exactly what Heigl did after the release of Knocked Up, describing the film as…

“…A little sexist. It paints the women as shrews, as humorless and uptight, and it paints the men as lovable, goofy, fun-loving guys.”

Whether you agree that Knocked Up is sexist or not, it’s hard to believe that Heigl didn’t hold these views upon first reading the script and then performing in the actual movie. If this is what she really felt, perhaps she should have chosen not to appear in the film at all rather than wait to cash in her cheque and then reveal her views.

Either way though, we’re just fortunate enough that Heigl’s part in Judd Apatow’s smash hit comedy paved the way for her to take on a number of mediocre Hollywood roles that bored and irritated audiences the world over. Lucky us.