10 Actors That Quentin Tarantino Brought Back From The Grave



Aside from being a great and individual filmmaker, Quentin Tarantino also has a knack for reintroducing forgotten actors to the world. Working with up-and-coming talent can be his forte, too (he gave Michael Fassbender something of a mainstream break with Inglourious Basterds, while Tim Roth got a boost from Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction), but no one utilizes underrated and under-used actors like QT.

It’s something he’s done his entire career, from his first film (Dogs) to his last (The Hateful Eight). Each Tarantino movie has its merits, and each one invariably finds Tarantino bringing an actor – figuratively, of course – back from the grave.

All of the following were considered box office duds when Tarantino gave them prominent billing in one (or more) of his films. Given the opportunity, all of them gave career-defining performances for the director.

So, join us as we take a look at ten actors that Quentin Tarantino gave back to the film world.

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