10 Awesome Easter Eggs From The LEGO Batman Movie

10) Director’s Cameo

The movie’s director, Chris McKa,y makes a couple of vocal cameos here. The most notable is his appearance as the pilot that has the misfortune of encountering Zack Galifianakis’ Joker at the beginning of the film. His second is harder to spot, though, as he actually provided Batman’s laugh.

Speaking of that opening scene on the plane though, the air traffic control guy on the intercom mentions that it’s part of Macguffin Airlines. A Macguffin is a thinly-veiled plot device that drives the narrative. And that’s exactly what the plane – which is handily filled with all kinds of explosives – is.

In the same scene, we also see a sign marked Ferris Air. DC comics fans will know this as the company that test pilot Hal Jordan works for before becoming Green Lantern.


9) Batman (1989)


Anyone of a certain vintage will enjoy the many callbacks to Tim Burton’s 1989 Batman movie and its 1992 sequel Batman Returns. There are so many, in fact, that we’ll just bullet-point them, lest we be here all day:

  • The pilot mentions the Joker’s previous exploits – one of which is “the parade with the Prince music,” referencing the climax of Burton’s movie.
  • Joker refers to Batman’s gadgets as “wonderful toys” – just like Jack Nicholson’s Clown Prince.
  • “You wanna get nuts? Let’s get nuts,” says Batman during a fight with his enemies. This exact phrase was said by Michael Keaton’s Bruce Wayne.
  • Harley Quinn is seen wearing a Smylex T-shirt – the deadly Joker venom made by Nicholson’s Mr. J.
  • The Penguin is seen riding a giant Rubber Duck – as in Batman Returns. 
  • Shreck’s Department Store can be seen in the Gotham skyline – a reference to Christopher Walken’s Max Shreck in Returns. 
  • Batman and Robin nearly run over an old woman crossing the road in a Batmobile. Which also nearly happens in Returns. 

Last but not least, Billy Dee Williams reprises his role as Harvey Dent/Two-Face from 1989.