The 10 Most Epic Moments In The Captain America: Civil War Trailer


10) Bucky Remembers


One of the biggest questions coming out of Captain America: The Winter Soldier was how Bucky would regain his memories. The comic book version of that story offered a quick fix in the form of Cap using the Cosmic Cube (better known as the Tesseract in the Marvel Cinematic Universe) to restore them, and while it seemed as if the sidekick turned brainwashed HYDRA assassin was beginning to get some sort of semblance about his past at the end of The Winter Soldier, it was far from definite.

This trailer establishing the fact that Bucky remembers is a relief, as it would have been more than a little frustrating to waste a big chunk of Captain America: Civil War teasing that, especially when fans already know that it’s an inevitable part of the hero’s journey.

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