The 10 Best Superhero Movie Moments Of 2016


It’s been a mixed year for superhero movies, in the critical sense. Out of the six released in 2016 (a neat two each from the three big franchises: Disney’s Marvel, Warner Bros.’ DC and Fox’s X-Men), three have been well received while the other half have been met with various levels of critical bashing.

Nonetheless, though fans might have their grievances, it’s pretty hard to complain too much in a year when the Avengers, Justice League and the X-Men were all adorning our screens. Besides, every single one of those movies – regardless of their overall quality – delivered at least one moment that had every superhero super-fan punching the air.

From Deadpool to Doctor Strange, here are our favorite superhero movie moments of 2016. Not all of these films may have been enjoyable on the whole, but there’s no denying that these 10 moments were truly memorable and had fans giddy with excitement.