Every 2016 Superhero Movie Ranked From Worst To Best


As the superhero movie genre continues to boom and shows no signs of fatigue, we are getting more and more comic book films every year. 2016 was a landmark year in this respect as all three of the major superhero movie universes – Disney’s MCU, Warner Bros’ DCEU and Fox’s X-Men universe – released two films a piece.

Unfortunately, while this is heaven for any comic book fans old enough to remember when one big superhero film a year was a massive event, the high quantity of movies didn’t exactly guarantee that each one would be of a high quality.


In fact, the hit ratio this year was decidedly lacking. We’d argue less than half of 2016’s superhero movies truly nailed it. And that’s including other comic book or superhero related films that were not from one of those three major franchises.

Now that Doctor Strange has made its way into cinemas, we’re taking a look back at every 2016 live-action superhero movie from worst to best. Take a look at them on the next page and if you disagree with us, be sure to leave own your list in the comments section down below..