The 10 Biggest Questions We Have After Watching Logan

10) Is Logan Canon?

This is the question that’s been plaguing fans from even before they saw the movie. As the trailers made clear, Logan is set in another dystopian future where mutantkind has been all but wiped out – even though this sort of contradicts the happy ending of X-Men: Days of Future PastHugh Jackman clarified this by claiming that Logan took place in its own “alternate universe.” So, that that… Or is it?

It’s revealed in the movie that it takes place in 2029, six years after the events of Days of Future Past – which leaves room for the future to go out of whack once again. Director James Mangold also seemed to believe that Logan was a proper part of the X-Men timeline, as he tweeted: “Because we take place after all the other movies, we have freedom.” So, there you go, Logan actually is canon.

And yet, there are still things that don’t quite add up, such as the movie’s different approach to Wolvie’s abilities and the variant portrayal of Caliban. It looks like the debate over Logan‘s canonical status will rage on for a while yet.