10 Easter Eggs From Rogue One: A Star Wars Story You May Have Missed

9) Bantha Milk


Given that it’s a prequel, Rogue One contains a huge amount of references to A New HopeThese range from the obvious – the ending featuring Princess Leia directly leads into the start of the movie – to the less noticeable – Mos Eisley residents Ponda Baby and Dr. Evazan appear at one point. The most easily-missed, however, occurs in the opening sequence set at the Erso household, as Jyn’s father Galen is taken hostage by Director Krennic and his Imperial forces.

On the family table, we can briefly see a glass of what looks like blue milk. You might remember this funky-looking stuff adorning the dinner table of Luke’s aunt and uncle in the original Star Wars movie. It’s actually Bantha Milk, produced by a moose/cow-like creature native to Tatooine. Presumably, it’s popular enough to be shipped around the galaxy, including the planet Lah-Mu where the Ersos were lying low.