10 Things You Need To Know About Harley Quinn


10) She’s Inspired By A Soap Opera

Creators are often asked where they get their ideas from, and sometimes they give a strange answer. Harley’s Quinn’s inspiration is certainly an unlikely one – Paul Dini (who co-created her with Bruce Timm) came up with the character after watching a soap opera.


In Days of Our Lives, a dream sequence featured Arleen Sorkin’s character dressed in a court jester outfit. The image struck Dini and directly served as the inspiration for the character. He and Timm also loved Sorkin’s distinctive voice and knew it was perfect for Harley. But who could they get to voice the character to do their vision justice? Naturally, they got Arleen Sorkin herself! It was the actress’ very first voice acting role and is now her most famous part to date.

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