10 Famous Actors Who Only Ever Managed One Legitimately Great Performance

the good doctor orlando bloom

It can be galling to recognize that some of the most famous thesps in the world got to be in their position without actually being able to act much at all. Look at Ryan Phillippe, Megan Fox, or Ashton Kutcher. All three are recent examples of famous ‘actors’ who never really proved they could act a damn.

Not that any of them should be written off as unqualified failures just yet, though. Even the worst actors prove from time to time that they can still have one great performance in them, being able to out of nowhere give it as good as the very best.

This isn’t a list of usually bad actors who’ve occasionally been great. No. This list is instead for those always bad actors who nevertheless gave a legitimately great performance on just a single occasion in their career.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t happen too often, but here are ten prime examples of this particular phenomenon occurring.