10 Films That Directors Just Made Up On The Fly


Have you heard about Alien: Covenant? The film that was Prometheus 2 then Alien: Paradise Lost, before it adopted its current title, may be in trouble. Not the kind of trouble that Prometheus faced (namely, putting Damon Lindelof in charge of the script) – this is much worse. Ben Child at the Guardian has added up all the info we have on Covenant so far and come to the conclusion that Ridley Scott is seemingly just making the film up as he goes.

The changing title is just the start of it. Lindelof was re-hired to pen the Prometheus sequel, then fired. The idea to keep the xenomorph out of the picture was introduced, then dropped, while long after filming began with Noomi Rapace replaced on lead character duties by Katherine Waterston, it was announced that Rapace would return for the sequel after all.

Alien: Covenant isn’t the first of its kind; plenty of pictures have, over time, been tinkered extensively with and near-enough improvised by the filmmaker through production. Inspired by the speculation that Sir Ridders is doing just that, here are ten more films that were seemingly just made up on the fly.