11 Great Films Ruined By Terrible Plot Twists


Do you know what really grinds my gears? Terrible plot twists, that’s what.

Everyone’s had this experience before: there you are, enjoying a perfectly serviceable romance/thriller/drama/action/horror/[insert odd subgenre here] flick, when, suddenly, you’re shocked out of your seat, and not in a good way.

You’ve just witnessed a ruinously bad plot twist that has the net effect of obliterating any shred of credibility your film of choice may have once possessed. Please know that you have my deepest sympathies, and if you need to talk to anyone to help you get through this tough time, our comment boards are always open to you.

Terrible plot twists are the ultimate in awful movie-watching experiences. Sadly, that doesn’t mean they’re uncommon. And unfortunately, I’ve seen more than my share of good films destroyed by ridiculous, strange, unjustified or just plain dumb twists. What this feature will not do is examine head-scratching endings/twists in decidedly awful movies, so, despite such efforts as The Happening, The Village and Devil, M. Night Shyamalan only gets one title on this list (because, easy though it would be, we can’t let him take every slot, can we?). You also won’t see Tim Burton’s godawful Planet of the Apes remake, which redefined big-budget stupidity with its Ape-raham Lincoln drivel, possibly the worst twist of all time attached to one of the worst remakes of all time.

In order to help preserve the sanity of my fellow cinephiles and possibly save a few from getting blindsided by terrible out-of-the-blue twists, I’m counting off eleven solid films that were derailed by jaw-droppingly bad twists.

Of course: spoiler alert!

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  1. Allan Hallsays:

    You ever wonder why Batman was targeting Bane’s face during the final fight (and how they were talking about Bane’s mask earlier)? It was shown pretty obviously that Batman wouldn’t be able to beat Bane with mere brute force, so he had to fight strategically.

    1. docsays:

      Even in the earlier fight when Bane broke his back, Batman was repeatedly punching him in the face. So in the end, brute force did prevail anyway. That has always bothered me. So that line didn’t really mean anything.

      1. Allan Hallsays:

        You’re right, he did, however, Batman was ignorant to the function of the mask, and was just aiming for pain. Unfortunately for him, it wasn’t effective against Bane. With the new knowledge in hand, he targeted the mask specifically, because he knew he could exploit his weakness, which proved successful. Bane lost his cool, and lost the fight. Strategy won.

      2. 7992says:

        it wasn’t about strategy or brute force, it was about belief. batman was a creature born out of vengeance, bane was born out of belief and determination which helped him to see things clearly, represented in his fighting style, in the original fight batman is all over the place while bane is more stoic. after batman spends time in the prison and see’s the devastation to gotham it drives him and gives him the same belief to carry on and fight for something. that’s how he beat bane in the end with determination, it was meant to show that fighting out of vengeance is nothing compared to the power of belief. It gave batman power again as h wasn’t relying on his emotions anymore.

      3. Allan Hallsays:

        I’ve got to say, you nailed it on the head. I couldn’t have put it better myself.

      4. goodwillsays:

        Why does being motivated by Talia make Bane a puppet? It doesn’t change any of the awesome stuff he did – like defeating Batman and bringing Gotham to its knees – and is also quite faithful to Bane’s one-sided relationship with Talia in the Vengeance of Bane. I agree that he could have gone out in a bigger blaze of glory than he did though. And it would have been cool to get more of Bane’s back story, perhaps about wanting to go one up on Ra’s Al Ghul for excommunicating him, and being jealous of Batman and wanting to defeat him to impress Talia. Anyway, Bruce Wayne stopped being Batman because of Rachel, does that mean he’s a puppet too? Also Batman was underground for 8 years, not 12

      5. I agree. If you think about it, unlike said in the article, Bane is still the mastermind behind all of it. The twist doesn’t suddenly make Talia the mastermind, it just makes her the one in charge. As clearly shown in all of Bane’s heist, he was in fact the mastermind to the plan. He mat have done it for her, but he still did it.

      6. bfg666says:

        Belief usually doesn’t help see things clearly at all. On the contrary, it has a tendency to cloud judgement. Religious fanatics, anyone?

      7. 7992says:

        By clarity I mean focus. once he found that belief he became focused on his mission which is what helped him win. once he had his belief it became clear to him what he had to do.
        and besides clarity is relative, personally as an atheist I don’t think anyone religious sees the world accurately. we all struggle to work out this crazy world but people with religious belief believe they know how the world is, they have clarity, whether they are right or wrong is relative. fanatics have a unquestioned view of the world, which is clarity.

      8. bfg666says:

        That’s not clarity. The word you’re looking for is delusion. These people (Bane and religious alike) may think they have a clear view but whether they’re right or wrong, it’s false.

  2. Musikonicasays:

    I thought the twist ending in Saw coming out of nowhere as it did was the best part of the movie. Had the audience known the guy posing as a dead body was really alive, then there would be no surprise ending.

    “If there had been some sort of hint at Jigsaw’s presence in the room with the two men earlier in the film, his ultimate unveiling could have a great twist…” No. If it was hinted enough for you to know, then you would know the “great twist” to come, since the “great twist” is the unveiling itself.

    1. Tim Greensays:

      haha pretty obvious.

    2. Buggssays:

      if you lie on a bed for two hours without moving you get bedsores

      jigsaw lay on a hard-tile floor for longer than that AND managed to activate the shock that proved alex wasnt dead… this film just kind of lost the wind from its sails at that point

      1. Peppermint Butlersays:

        Bedsores? Really? That’s what you are going with? While you statement is correct by a realistic standpoint, Saw is a movie and therefore doesn’t need to have realism. It’s already not real to begin with.

      2. Auto Correctsays:

        *you’re *your *Saw is a movie,

      3. Musikonicasays:

        He didn’t exactly jump up to his feet and sprint out the door. I’m sure he probably did have some bedsores.

      4. Judysays:

        Actually it takes longer for bedsores to develope. They have to be turned to prevent them. But alas Saw is just a movie. LOL

      5. Anonsays:

        Have you ever heard the expression “suspend belief”? Seems you clearly missed the point. -_____-

      6. It’s actually “suspension of DISbelief”. Suspending belief doesn’t make sense.

      7. Therasays:

        I’ve lied in a bed for two hours without moving, completely awake. This is rubbish.

      8. Libby Dinessays:

        You’re not getting bedsores after 2 hours. If that was the case, how do we sleep 7-8 hours a night without waking up covered in them?

      9. How the hell do you get bedsores after two hours?? You got sensitive skin or something??

      10. Jelsemiumsays:

        It takes way longer than two hours for bedsores to form.

    3. TroubleWithStairssays:

      I’m not sure you get how, or why, plot twists work. They can’t just be random nonsense out of nowhere.The twist in Fight Club works because it actually explains everything. The twist in Planet of the Apes (original, of course) is the entire point of the movie (same with the Last Man on Earth, a better movie than I Am Legend). Twists work best when they bring clarity to everything you just saw in a way that makes sense, but you didn’t expect (or didn’t realize you were expecting). You can’t just pull them out of your ass in a Hail Mary attempt to salvage your shitty script.

      1. Musikonicasays:

        Well you got me there, then. I guess it didn’t explain more than who put the two people in the room with the ‘dead’ body.

      2. Hellfalconsays:

        I agree with you completely, the twist needs prior establishment and to tie everything together successfully, Fight Club is a good example, though i think the Saw twist didn’t break any pacing rules, and definitely was mentioned he likes a front row seat, and we saw only his henchman was watching the cameras.

        But Last Man on Earth is TERRIBLE. I Am Legend was pretty damn poor but at least was 1000% more entertaining, & I even love Vincent Price’s work & typically prefer older films.
        But the ending of Last Man is literally him throwing a few smoke bombs and getting shot. The cinematography was good at points, the body pits were intriguing but The Omega Man was a much better take on the original novel by FAR. I didn’t think anyone could like that dull crap.

      3. Kathleen Crouse-Bradleysays:

        Omega Man, one of my all time favorites. The Fury is also pretty good…

      4. Jack Luminoussays:

        I thought Last Man On Earth was a bit creepy and ok. Its certainly the most faithful adaptation of I Am Legend and historically its the blueprint for most of the modern zombie movies – George Romero lifted from that film heavily

      5. fanboyfilmssays:

        Although I enjoyed Fight Club I really didn’t like the twist. It didn’t explain everything. It really threw a lot of confusion onto scenes where it was obvious that there were two characters instead of one. It didn’t make sense that Fight Club formed around one guy punching himself in a parking lot. Especially scenes like the fight between Norton and Pitt at the end where the security camera shows Norton being dragged by some unseen ghost. Saw’s twist ending was cheap, sure, but it didn’t contradict what had gone before and was one of the few highlights of an otherwise slighty-above-average movie.

      6. Matthew Ryan Kylesays:

        lol just made me think of the ridiculous ending of the planet of the apes movie with Marky Mark I guess that movie was awful before that ending though

      7. Jack Luminoussays:

        Plot twist in Last Man On Earth??? WTF

  3. Nero121says:

    I do believe earlier in the movie the cops are at another jigsaw crime scene and say “he likes to have a front row seat” now while there is a glass mirror room thats just assumed he is there, so I wouldnt say it comes out of no where I would say it was hinted and we just didnt see it

    1. Vits/Vicente Torressays:

      But he didn’t have a front row seat. I mean, he couldn’t actually see anything.

      1. William Dean Lukesays:

        He didn’t ~HAVE~ to ~See~ anything..he could hear everything that was going on. the Accoustics of a public restroom are ~amazing~ for bouncing whispers, etc. around. He DID have a front-row seat for all of it. He didn’t need to see it to enjoy it.

      2. Guestsays:

        People also don’t HAVE to conform to your opinion. Speak for yourself and let other people have their own opinions. Everyone will say something different. Accept it.

      3. Michelle Barajassays:

        He was stating his opinion, Guest. Accept it.

      4. brent kaufmansays:

        Do you always react this poorly when someone respectfully expresses an opinion that you disagree with? There was nothing in the way he expressed himself, nor implied, that deserves such a nasty and inappropriate response.

  4. Patricksays:

    Totally missed the point of the I Am Legend ending….

    1. Jennifer Erskinesays:

      I was just disappointed by the adaptations in general (4 in all)… in this case, I’ll stick to the book

      1. Mark Krijgsmansays:

        there is a alternate ending where he survives in tume with the book and the omega man

  5. James Thompsonsays:

    Leia being Luke’s sister was actually one of the only good twists about the movie. It really shows that family is no different than anyone else.

  6. 10 “great” films ruined by terrible plot twists. Ehem, since when does Indiana Jones and the kingdom of the crystal skull count as a great film? The plot twist wasn´t the biggest problem with that movie.

    1. SciChicksays:

      Totally — I could barely get 20 minutes into the film it was so awful. I didn’t even get to the plot twist.

    2. Tinksays:

      I think because before this one they were great movies…this one killed it for them. You’re right the whole movie in general was not good, but I think it’s in here as a great film because of the whole series probably. I think it really could’ve been better if it weren’t for that last part

  7. McGygassays:

    The Saw “twist” ending is the best

  8. Eric Vs. The Moviessays:

    Some of these movies are not “great” and we’re ruined long before the twist.

  9. JohnBsays:

    Actually in Signs the water is believed to be blessed. Thats why the effect was surprising.

    1. Peppermint Butlersays:

      While that is true, aliens are not demons. Or at least they shouldn’t be because that would be silly.

      1. MantasticPuddlesays:

        I think it’s commonly believed that signs is really centered around the priests loss of faith and the aliens are supposed to represent his demons. The little girl leaves the cups of water around and (I don’t remember exactly why) it’s supposed to be holy water, something like a blessing. I don’t know, this seems like a poor choice on this list but everyone has their opinions I guess.

      2. the priest only lost his faith because his wife died. so god sent his dying wife clairvoyant messages to help set up a completely convoluted rescue for his family in the future? by the aliens who are allergic to water and attacked a planet primarily composed of water? i think god might have done the priest more of a solid by not letting his wife get crushed. presumably he wasn’t controlling everyone else’s actions and his priest buddy isn’t totally stupid, and has some sort of reasoning skills, so everything probably would have worked out about the same without the ghost of his dead wife prodding him to hit the glass of water.

  10. Jeremysays:

    Anyone who thinks the twist in Return of the Jedi sucks should not be allowed to watch movies. (Yes it is hyperbole, but really? Who in the world could think that? Did anyone actually think Luke would get Leia? It put an end to a horrible “love triangle.”)

    1. Patricksays:

      Also, the kiss between Luke and Leia in Empire was purely to make Han jealous, while Han agreeing to back off in Jedi was due Han misconstruing Leia’s general demeanour. There’s also the fact that Leia tells Han than she loves him before he’s about to be frozen in carbonite, something she doesn’t say to Luke at any point in the films

      1. Agreed. I felt that was the one questionable one on this one that rather missed the whole dynamic. Leia was never into Luke. The central romance throughout the original three films is Han/Leia. No question there. It even follows standard romantic comedy tropes (don’t like each other at first, verbal sparring turns to veiled flirting, admission of feelings, obstacle, overcoming it, happily ever after), so whoever thought Luke was ever truly in the running missed a lot of none-too-subtle clues about that “love triangle”.

      2. bfg666says:

        That’s a whole lotta ones.

  11. Sentry Virginiasays:

    Agree with Star Wars. Except for Skywalker weirdo incest sub-plot, the movies would have gone down as the most perfect set of a series of all time. We did not tell my 8 year old daughter anything when she watched it for the first time. Her words, “That’s strange. Didn’t she kiss him in the last movie?” You become a little disappointed because you can’t say BEST EVER due to that reason.

    1. Patricksays:

      In all fairness, a lot of any romantic interaction whatsoever between Luke and Leia (mainly the kiss on Hoth in Empire) was purely Leia trying to make Han jealous.

  12. Sentry Virginiasays:

    Missing the point about Brave. The movie did not center on Brave as Harry Potter did not center on Harry Potter, it center on death. Brave centered on its namesake, the entire movie set out to show as many instances of bravery from everyone, set in different situations. The King, Queen, Princess and all had showcased moments that came together in the end in an obvious expansion of pure courage from that entire family.

    1. Lord Malthussays:

      It’s a weak movie regardless. The meandering plot, flat humor, and questionable ending left me very disappointed.

    2. Lucy In The Skysays:

      I think it’s because I know I was just expecting a gorgeous adventure filled, fun movie and while it was mostly, it was also mostly about bears -_- which are cute I guess but honestly one of the dullest animals in the world. I loved every other thing about that movie but the bears bored the hell out of me so I guess I get it.

      1. Music for Kidssays:

        Are you a child aged between 6 & 13? If not it does’t really matter if you found it boring or not, unless you’re a parent of said age range. My kids loved it. (And, as a student of folk tale and aural history, enjoyed it as an interesting take on goldilocks and the three bears.)

      2. Mike Keithsays:

        Wait, so you think that if you are a childless adult, that you shouldn’t have a say in a Disney movie???? Are you kidding me? First off, Walt Disney was always of the mindset that we are all ‘kids at heart’, no matter the age. When a movie is made, even if animated, it is most certainly designed to have something for all ages, do you think that these Pixar movies make their 300 million domestic box office grosses by parents who bring their children? Now, about said movie. A few years ago, I remember clearly watching some trailers for a movie, and there was a teaser for ‘Brave’. It was short and basically you the jest from it that there was a red haired girl who got use a bow, and that there was going to be a bear that she had to go up against. If you had told me then, that the bear is going to be her mother and another bear, I would have said you were full of it. There is serious flaws in this movie, and it most certainly derails at the point of the mother turning into a bear. Not to mention the mother turning a 180 from the beginning of the movie when the mother was OK with her with the bow and all, to later when she was being so cruel to her during the husband contest.

      3. Boobmansays:

        ^^ autist

      4. Mike Keithsays:

        autistic? who, me?

      5. Music for Kidssays:

        You do realise that Brave is an adaption of Goldilocks and the Three Bears, right?

      6. Mike Keithsays:

        Um, first off, why would you respond to me with that question? Did you not read my post?
        Second, LMAO, because if you had read my post then it would be ironic that you WOULD ask me that, because it tells me that you are the parent that DIDN’T pay attention while at the movies, but just sat there and probably texted on your phone, since the movie ‘Brave’ has NOTHING to do with Goldilocks. I don’t even know where the heck you are even seeing this? because there is a talking bear in it? This makes NO sense…

        If you don’t believe me, try and google it, “Brave is like Goldilock..” or whatever you want. Go to wiki and read Goldilocks Film adaptations or the Brave wiki page and read it. Go and post your theory on the IMDB Brave message board. You will find NOBODY that has even remotely thought what you are implying.

    3. Trouble2022says:

      Agreed – to me and my daughter it was all about the ‘adapt or die’ rule of life. Those who adapt to changing times or surroundings are the ones who succeed, those who don’t perish. Merida and her family adapted and so were successful and survived; but Muldoor did not and so perished as a bear (after murdering his own brothers).

  13. SAWsays:

    The saw ending was one of the best twist endings ever!

    1. Allan Hallsays:

      Nah, “The Usual Suspects” had an even better twist.

      1. Mark Krijgsmansays:

        that one was silly

      2. Dart Vadesays:

        no you are mistaken, one of those movies is an Oscar winner the other was guessed by many people 5 minutes into the movie and is not considered to be that good of a movie

      3. Mark Krijgsmansays:

        So ? chicago won an oscar and that movie was crap ……. the saw ending i did not see comming , the usual suspects ending i did see comming

      4. bfg666says:

        So you fail to see the obvious but you somehow magically can detect something no-one saw coming? What are you, a blind psychic?

      5. Mark Krijgsmansays:

        No Actually i saw the usual suspects after i had seen Saw, So after that i was more clear with plot twists and the sherlockian reasoning ( if you have exhausted all possible options the answer has to be the impossible)

    2. JamesECashsays:

      yeah… “it was the dead guy on the floor” how is that even a twist?

      1. William Dean Lukesays:

        BEcause, throughout the entire movie, EVERYONE thought the dead guy was just that..a dead guy on the floor who committed suicide.

      2. Guestsays:

        Didn’t you even see the movie?

      3. JamesECashsays:

        Yes, i did see the movie, obviously. Why? What are you trying to say? That’s the twist. A twist ending you don’t have a fair shake at so really its not a twist ending at all, its cheating. Who watches the movie the first time thinking “I think the dead guy on the floor is behind everything!” Its bad film making. You are given no clues either which makes the writing worse.

      4. drdvdplayerhandbooksays:

        I agree. It’s a stupid idea for a twist. It’s “Oh, my God, it turns out this guy was alive all along!” Um… so? What change does that establish on the film? Why does it matter? How does that make people see things from a different angle?

        It changes nothing. It’s not like the body was supposed to do something and then it didn’t. Like, for instance, if there had been a line in the film that said something akin to “If you don’t do this thing I tell you you’ll end up as dead as that guy on the floor”, and then it turns out the guy was alive, so Jigsaw wasn’t gonna kill you after all if you refused, then yes, it would have been an interesting twist.

        As it is, though, it’s the very definition of pointless. Yes, it’s surprising, because it was unexpected. But the reason it was unexpected was because it made no difference.

      5. Kevinsays:

        The reason the twist was so shocking was that it was frightening to know Adam(the main character) was so close to being freed this entire time; the man who could free him was in the room with him and Gordon the entire movie. It is also frightening because you realize that this Jigsaw guy is not only interested in setting Adam and Gordon through these traps, but also in observing them as if trying to monitor their results. This makes Jigsaw seem very inhuman and messed up, and it’s all thrown at you in the final minute of the movie, which I thought was pretty well done. Plus, who can’t enjoy the “Hello Zepp” theme which starts playing as Adam is realizing all of this?

      6. brent kaufmansays:

        It’s a twist, plain and simple. No one needs a chance at anything. That’s not what a twist is all about. If you see it coming, or could see it coming, it wouldn’t be a twist.

      7. All great twists that mean something have clues. When you go back a second viewing you see things you didn’t notice or realize. Its not a twist. IDK what to call it but its just thrown in at the end making no sense, its very cheap film making.

      8. brent kaufmansays:

        Yes, some twists have those elements, such as The Sixth Sense. But people who have such hard and fast rules always end up being disappointed when things don’t go according to their rules. This is your rule alone, unless you can show me an actual source that defines the basis of a plot twist as you’ve described.

      9. Well, bro this is only my opinion on what a good twist should be. If this was a good twist in your book. I respect that but you know what my opinion is on it. It really did seem cheap and bad to me. What movie had a bad twist in your opinion? Even though i can enjoy High Tension that twist made zero sense…. I just can’t wrap my mind around it.

      10. Kevinsays:

        There were clues; the corpse does somewhat resemble John Kramer. Also when the cops were about to apprehend Jigsaw, he said how he was sick of the “disease eating away at him”. This should’ve made the most attentive people think about the patient you see in the hospital bed earlier in the film was said to be experiencing terminal cancer. Also the words that Jigsaw uses throughout the film are in general suggestive of someone who is going to die soon, for example “Most people are so ungrateful to be alive”.

      11. William Dean Lukesays:

        YOu’re just butthurt that, for once, the film-makers stumped you and you couldn’t guess who the killer was.

      12. Listen stupid. There have been other twists in movies that are shitty but far better and had more effort then this movie. It literally is “the dead body on the floor was behind it the whole time not the guy watching the victims” THAT IS NOT A GOOD TWIST. Actually its not a twist at all. Its even worst then the High Tension twist. They are such bad filmmakers they had to make a twist that literally has zero context to anything just say they fooled people when they were just too talentless to make a good film or make a smart twist that has subtle clues that fit the story. You can watch the film again and find nothing because the twist was tacked on at the end like the shit that is. I am not butthurt that those cunts can’t write a good story with a plausible twist. Its a baffling ending with no clues that makes no sense. It failed.

      13. William Dean Lukesays:

        “Blah Blah Blah..I’m butthurt that I couldn’t guess who the killer was because this movie didn’t follow the bullshit linear pattern that every other director has followed for years..something different got thrown at me on the screen and I have to turn my nose up at it because it doesn’t adhere to my delicate, prissy fucking standards. WAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH~!”

      14. LOL. Yeah it was so damn creative. Have a dead body on the floor and at the end “…it was him all along!” GENIUS!!! The movie was slapped together and had cliches out the ass but that “twist” was none linear? More like none existent. Giving zero fucking clues to look for, just insert dead guy at the end. Brilliant.

      15. William Dean Lukesays:

        “Blah blah blah, I’m still butthurt blah blah blah.”

        Well, guess what? That “Shitty” director made bank off this film because, obviously, people enjoyed it.

        Your voice is in the minority here.

      16. Sounds like you’re the one butthurt over my opinion which is in the “minority”… yet the films are panned by critics and horror fans? The series garnered a lot attention for its gore (torture porn) but the reviews are below mixed at best. Look at the Transformers films, all of them get horrible ratings but a lot of people see them… you are the minority lol, get over it and realize people see the movies as shit. Even movies i love that are panned, i can admit the faults. try it and stop being butthurt over my opinion. Saw just inserts flashbacks into the movie to fill its story of nothingness, you can lie to yourself about it and come off like a dumbass or admit it. Its up to you, captain butthurt 🙂

      17. William Dean Lukesays:

        Got news for you..Opinions are like assholes. Everyone’s got one, and they all stink. If you don’t like a movie, don’t sit in your own pew. I, for one, liked the cleverness of the traps and the psychological game behind Jigsaw’s madness. The whole point of the movie, in my opinion, isn’t necessarily ~just~ about the killer, or his victims, but about what you would do to survive the situation..would you kill someone to save your own skin?

        It’s a psychological thing. Jigsaw wanted to be right in the middle of all the action, and he was..he had a front-row seat to the indescribable complexity of human existence…How we’re quick to break one “sacred” vow, but not another, and how, no matter how small of a ripple we think our actions cause, it only gets bigger and more difficult to excuse.

        If you watch it from Jigsaw’s perspective, and not that of the victims, it becomes a much more enjoyable movie.

        How many times have you seen able-bodied people step out of a car in a handicapped space and just wanted to run them over so they would ~really~ have an excuse to use that space? How many times have you seen or heard of some kid getting abused at home and wanted to beat the ever-living shit out of or kill them for it?

        To me, this is more a “Righteous vindication” story of a murderous vigilante who is sick of the dregs of humanity slipping by unnoticed and unchecked. I only watched bits and pieces of the rest of the films, as the first one was good enough for me, and I knew any sequels would just be mindless bloodbaths. The first one was good, but everything after it just sucked. I’m not even disappointed at the ending of the film.

        But then, I’m the kind of guy who, sometimes, likes to see the bad guy win, just for a change of pace..

        At least it’s not some jerkfest movie where you know everything that’s going to happen, like in the Marvel films. The good guys ALWAYS win. It’s not fun when you know the good guy is always going to win.

      18. I didn’t get all of that out of the Saw movies but at one time i enjoyed 2,3 and 6. I don’t share the same opinion, i think 6 is the best and i hated the first. I don’t have a problem where the villain wins in the end. but the first movies ending felt like it was tacked on like a lot of the flashback scenes in the sequels. Just thrown on. Then the sequels (for better or worse) established who Jigsaw was not the first to me at least.

      19. William Dean Lukesays:

        It couldn’t have been just tacked on…it’s the first movie..if it were the second or third, I could believe it was just tacked on..but this is the one to establish the series, to it has to be written well enough to warrant it’s several sequels. I like that we actually do see the Jigsaw killer during the film (At least I think we do..not sure..been years since I’ve seen it and my memory kind of sucks due to a very bad case of ADD, which causes my short term memory to really suck and stuff doesn’t get sorted into my long-term unless it’s watched or seen several times) in the hospital…might have been part 2, though.. I want to know what the hell happened to the guy who cut off his own foot in the first film? Did he live? Did Jigsaw let him go because he cut off his own foot, or did he die trying to escape? That’s a loose end that I always wanted to see tied up.

      20. He ends up in the final film being Jigsaw’s final apprentice.

      21. William Dean Lukesays:

        See, now, I didn’t expect that.

    3. Guestsays:

      The SAW movies suck.

  14. diamondsays:

    I actually liked the ending to Savages, i’m happy it didn’t end with all of the characters dying(Lado should’ve died though).

  15. trgirl33says:

    Re: “Signs” – you missed the point…there are no coincidences, and as the main character puts this together, hid faith is restored. The aliens are a plot device. And yes, the water was blessed.

  16. Jacquelyn Vestsays:

    I was actually quite disappointed in the ending to I Am Legend. I still have yet to read the book, but I am going to try to soon. and Splice, I wasn’t very happy with that ending either.

  17. Buggssays:

    you obviously never read the book i am legend as your description of the ending could not be more wrong

    it has been my favourite piece of literature for decades and you sir, have raped it in a single internet article…

    for shame

    go read it and edit your post please

    1. Mattsays:

      The “controversial” ending of the movie is a tonally-correct ending, fitting in with the theme of the book. At the end of the movie (the original ending, not the drivel that made it to theaters) he realizes that he is the monster to them, which is exactly what happens in the book. He realizes that he is the boogeyman to the new humanity. How was the article’s assessment wrong?

  18. John Q. Publicsays:

    I liked Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. Since when is alien sci-fi less unbelievable than 2000 or 3000 year old myths?

    Oh, you believe in those myths. I am so sorry.

    If that is not a good argument, the movie made a lot of money. Apparently it was good enough for a lot of people,

    On the other hand Abram’s Star Trek made a lot of money and that was crap.

    1. TroubleWithStairssays:

      That’s not the point. The Indy movies have always been about a man with a scientific mindset going on an adventure in which, to serve a greater good, he must confront the power of the divine.
      Even though he scoffed at the Ark, when it was opened, he humbled himself before the power of god.
      Despite only being in it for “fortune and glory”, he understood the Thugee’s crime against Shiva, and could only recover the stones once he finally acknowledged what he was really fighting for.
      While he wasn’t even that into finding the Grail, his father’s spirit and faith spurred him on, and that bond is what opened his eyes and inspired him to take a literal leap of faith.
      When he discovered the secret of the Crystal Skull, he was like, “oh shit, aliens!” And, um,.. that was that.

      One of these endings is not like the other, no?

      Also, if making money is all it takes for something to be good and right, then I guess Nestle has the go-ahead from you to start charging people for rain water, huh? Sorry, no- profit does not equal “good”.

      1. Noelsays:

        But ultimately, there was a discovery and a revelation in each movie. It is just as plausible, if not MORE likely, that all the artifacts that you described as “faith based” and he had to “humble himself before god”, where actually all alien relics as well. Think about it. Any advanced weapon has an “off switch” or some other defense against it that would protect someone ‘in the know”. Indy was just smart enough to put what he learned together through the movies to find out what those were. Movie 1. Not seeing (similar to not looking at an atomic blast), Movie 2. Verbal commands. (you don’t think an advanced alien race could use voice command? We’re already getting there). Movie 3. Playing against mans general nature as a means of protection (meaning, greed, and that most would assume the of “cup of Christ” as man has come to call it, would be a cup of kings, not one of a builder, thus keeping dangerous alien technology out of the hands of mankind yet again). Then 4, another mythical item from ancient times, except this time they come right out and say/show it was alien in nature. Putting the first 3 possibilities of how each artifact in the first 3 movies could be alien as well completely aside, wouldn’t the revelation that the “religious” relic from the 4th movie was in fact alien, be enough to even open up the possibility the rest were too? Not saying they were, but IF they were, your post would then be 100% incorrect.

  19. Jasonsays:

    The ‘Now You See Me’ twist was one of the most predictable I’ve ever seen, so it didn’t ruin the movie at all for me.

    1. Michelle Kirkwoodsays:

      Predictable? I saw and I liked the movie (the whole premise sounded intriguing, which is why I went to see it in the first place, and frankly, the movie gave me NO hint whatsoever that there was even going to be a twist in the first place—-so no, it wasn’t that predictable at all for me. Plus, I think both Jesse Eisenburg and Mark Ruffalo are hot, so that gave me two more good reasons to see it. That, and the whole Robin Hood take from the 1% and give back to the 99% thing also appealed to me.

  20. Javonte Morantsays:

    Wow no iron man 3.

    1. Anonsays:

      I was expecting it too.

    2. bfg666says:

      Because that plot twist is great and highly enjoyable unless you’re of the psychorigid fanboi kind.


        Well, the title says “Great Films Ruined By Plot Twists”. Iron Man 3 should’ve been on this list if the Top was called “Mediocre Films That Became Terrible After Terrible Plot Twists”. With or without the twist, Iron Man 3 is painfully mediocre at very best.

    3. Sean Hammondsays:

      Kingsley as the Mandarin was brilliant. Easily the best villain of the series. Undermining a performance that strong was a terrible idea. It ruined the credibility of the entire movie. And Killian? Seriously? Maybe as a sub-villain. Maybe. What should have been the best movie of the series was a complete joke. You don’t need to be a fanboy to recognize that.

  21. Stickypicklesays:

    Spring break
    The conjuring

  22. I disagree with TDKR, since we all knew from the beginning any character was who he or she seemed, and that’s how great villains are introduced in the Nolanverse, and that’s how they work.

  23. Streviussays:

    Actually, if you get a copy of I Am Legend with the original ending, you will see a much better film. I like a sad, dark ending as much as the next guy, but that movie certainly is less of a mess with the alternate happier ending. I would even call the original ending a “beautiful” ending.

  24. jahsays:

    no, no, no. There was no way on earth … or outer space that Leia was going to get with Luke, have you seen Mark Hamil’s sprout face? she was just making Han jealous, as was obvious at the times before the ‘big’ reveal

    1. rstetradiosays:

      Sprout face? wth is that?

  25. jahsays:

    but yes, Now You See Me is one of the worst twists ever, if you go back and pick apart Ruffalo’s actions throughout the film, he makes no sense what so ever. Even if was a schizophrenic it still doesn’t add up. The twist was completley ridiculous and ruined an otherwise entertaining film. Also, that mirrored wall trick must have been used countles times, I saw it recently in ‘The Hustle’ tv series.. and they made a better job of it

  26. MrSatyresays:

    Highlander 2. Enough said.

    1. bfg666says:

      Highlander 2 never was even remotely anywhere near a good movie. It sucked major azz from A to Z.

  27. Armageddon Xandersays:

    Signs: Basically, you could kill them peeing in their faces…
    Weapon of mass destruction.

  28. Pete Hudsonsays:

    Whoever has these movies as bad twist. Get a new job. You suck. The twist is suck. We thought you were going to write something good, but you suck.

    1. Glenn Tennissays:

      Yeah, man. The twist is suck.

      1. Jo Josays:

        omg im dying from this

      2. Mariasays:

        Glenn Tennis. You suck…. when I read your comment, I laughed so hard I think I pooed myself.

      3. bfg666says:

        All your base are belong to us.

  29. Ryan Deadpoolnsays:

    Yeah the ending to Savages was insanely stupid as was Now you see me.
    Awful movie in general.

    I never heard of anyone hating the Saw ending though….

    1. TroubleWithStairssays:

      True… by the time the ending to Saw happened, I’d pretty much used up all my hate on the rest of the movie.

  30. Rob Grizzlysays:

    ” If there had been some sort of hint at Jigsaw’s presence in the room … his ultimate unveiling could have been a great twist”-

    If there had been some sort of hint at Jigsaw’s presence in the room IT WOULD HAVE BEEN OBVIOUS IT WAS THE BODY- THE ONLY POSSIBLE THING TO SUSPECT.

    Wow. You suck at this

  31. Remembersays:

    The ending to Remember Me was well done. They did not try to over-dramatize it as the attacks happened off screen. I thought the point was well made, timely and poignant. So many of us know no one directly effected by 9/11, but we were all indirectly effected. The movie brought us to the point where we knew and cared about the characters who, as you said, were believable. All of a sudden, one was taken from us, just as happened in real life. How many lives were ended right in the middle of their own stories? How many people might have been having a great day that day before it was all cut short? That is what is unsatisfying here, not a movie ending in tragedy, but all the real lives that ended in tragedy.

    1. scelestionsays:

      Totally my thoughts as well. The ending was very touching, and it was the only time I ever let some tears run down my face in the movies. Normally, I just suck it up, because I would be too embarrassed to be seen crying in public, but that movie really left me no choice.

    2. Lucy In The Skysays:

      I agree! I don’t think it was distasteful or offensive at all.

    3. Ashton L Clinesays:

      Completely agree. Plus, movies are constantly using tragic moments as dramatic points in film. It doesn’t cheapen the original tragedy. It was in fact, a twist as it was not expected.

  32. Daniel Stampesays:

    I disagree with you on Saw and TDKR. Like some have said, the twist for Saw was amazing. I never saw that coming. And he’s a serial killer! I’m sure he planned on having “bed sores” lol

    And with TDKR, I feel like that twist brought more humanity to Bane. I don’t think it made him a b**** or less of a person. Get this: Even after Talia orders Bane “don’t kill him… I want him to feel the heat… Feel the fire of 12 million souls…” He doesn’t listen to her! He’s about to blow off Batman’s face with a Shotgun blast until Batman gets saved. He’s his own man!

    1. Adam Edwardssays:

      But TDKR was a terrible movie. Far too many plot holes and not faithful to the character of Batman especially

      1. James Cleggsays:

        You sir are a dumbass

      2. Adam Edwardssays:

        Explain please

      3. Adam Edwardssays:

        Ok I will elaborate on my previous point.

        1. Batman takes 8 years off – This is so unfaithful to the character I don’t believe I have to explain it. When Batman makes his oath to fight crime, it is a war he will never be finished fighting, yet in this version his NOT girlfriend gets axed and he forgets about all the crime and plays room archery

        2. A broken spine/dislocated disc can be fully repaired by punching said disc back into place, and does not require any significant period of time to be able to be fully mobile again, even a fifty foot fall and hitting the pits walls doesn’t cause a relapse

        3. Bruce escapes the prison with no money, no contacts and no way of knowing where he is, yet 6 hours later he has escaped the country and got both back to america, and also managed to navigate around the veritable army surrounding Gotham, without any equipment at all.

        4. Talias revenge plot is ridiculous, why did she just stab him in the face when they were in bed together.

        5. Talia’s terrible death

        6. Also this is more directed at the entire nolan version, there is no hint of Batman being the great detective which is an essential part of his character and they just swept that aside to give Morgan Freeman a job

        This is just the start but you get my point…..oh yeah and Robin……F**k Robin

      4. Jillsays:

        Oooookay, agree with pretty much everything you said there, except for your horrible lack of knowledge of the spine. Spinal injuries are MAJOR, they ABSOLUTELY require ages of bed rest and rehabilitation, and there is no such fucking thing as “punching it back into place”. FURTHER, falling 50 feet sure as fuck would fuck you up again, not to mention would probably kill you in the first place.

        Just had to correct that random bit of stupidity.

      5. Adam Edwardssays:

        Hey Jill, thanks for not reading the whole thread and jumping to the third response….in my list I was pointing out PLOT HOLES and that the punching in the back treatment was a terrible part of the movie. If they wanted to use the knightfall arc they should have at least tried to make it realistic

      6. Guestsays:

        Jill you didn’t get the sarcasm? This is a list of things he doesn’t like about the movie, and you think he snuck somewhere in the middle of the list that the believable part was punching a spine back in place and falling 50 feet without injury? I’m willing to sell you some dehydrated water if you’re interested.

      7. bfg666says:

        Adam, about point #1: so I take it you’ve never read The Dark Knight Returns, then? Your loss. Hint: “Returns” in the title implies that he indeed had retired. Also, someone you love doesn’t have to be your girl/boy/goat/whateverfriend for her/his/its death to f*ck you up big time. Unless you’re particularly insensitive.

    2. Ocrisiasays:

      I also loved the Saw ending. And to add on to your point…he was a cancer patient. He was almost definitely used to bedsores, and anyway he probably had a bunch of pain pills so maybe it wasn’t too uncomfortable for him. His convictions were so strong anyway I think he would see the irony of not being able to deal with a few hours of laying on the floor uncomfortably when he is putting others through hell. Didn’t they say in the movie he took something to shallow his breathing and pulse so it was nearly undetectable?

  33. Mike Keithsays:

    Um, I think you need to watch Savages again, Ben and Chon leave WITHOUT Ophelia, which means she actually got a crappy ending for herself by not getting either of the 2 men she loved.

  34. Mike Keithsays:

    OK, wow, um, I remember seeing all those ads for Splice, and it was most certainly billed as HORROR-SCI/FI!!!! If you somehow did not realize this, you should not even be allowed to watch movies. In fact, the whole ending was given away right in the beginning of the movie. they made the 2 freaky creature things, and we were shown as an audience that something wasn’t right, and that there was hormone levels out of wack, right there, plain as day you knew that one of those creatures was turning into a male(ala Jurassic Park) and something bad was going to happen at their presentation, so duh! Dren was going to turn into a Male, it was actually TOO obvious, IMO, and not even a twist, Plus, in the beginning when those little things killed each other, you didn’t consider that Horror???!! WTH do call it??

    1. Wolfsays:

      Yep, there are many sci-fi/horror films where the horror bit doesn’t come to the forefront until the 3rd act. Think “The Fly” directed by David Cronenberg & starring Geena Davis and Jeff Goldblum. Something tells me the author of this article would complain about a “horrible twist” in that “sci fi” movie too.

      1. Mike Keithsays:

        You are probably right about that.

    2. Lucy In The Skysays:

      Yeah, aside from them fixating on the genre, I get that but it was just the fact that nasty thing had the man, then raped the woman. EW. I loved that movie till that happened and to this day won’t go near it because of how disgusted I am about those parts. Could have been a horror movie with anything else in the whole world.

      1. Mike Keithsays:

        Why is the disgusting? What if you were a hermaphrodite? would you want to be made fun of?? Plus it would be double the fun, lol.

  35. Saunderizersays:

    Actually, water only makes up 0.06% of the Earth. Unless the core, mantle etc. is liquidy goodness…

    1. Kingkrikkit (Kristopher)says:

      I think he meant Earths surface, specifically, not the percentage of the total mass.

  36. Cierra Nopesays:

    Oh come on, they used the phrase “reverse the curse” and had to say “alter her fate” instead of “escape” it? Boooooo

  37. Ozpinheadsays:

    Now You See Me. I agree. The plot twist ruined the movie for me. It didn’t make any sense, practical sense i mean, when you think about it.
    Splice. Also spot on. The last 15 minutes or so were a completely different kind of movie and ruined the experience. I remember thinking the same thing when i watched it. However, there isn’t really a plot twist. That’s just poor decision making skills by the director and producers on how to wrap up the film.
    Savages. I actually thought the alternative ending thing was funny. It didn’t ruined it for me as i think Oliver kept the story and characters a little surreal throughout, but i can understand how it might irk some.
    Remember Me. The twist revelation didn’t ruin the movie. There simply wasn’t anything that great to ruin in the first place.
    Saw. That final surprise revelation that Jigsaw was in the room the entire time doesn’t change anything. That is not a plot twist, and it certainly doesn’t ruin anything.

  38. Joesays:

    I thought the twist in I Am Legend was the reason the movie worked! It made it a strong, mature film, rather than a typical action movie

    1. Not sure if you’ve read the book, but if you had you’d be very disappointed that they threw in a macho Hollywood ending/style to an otherwise great film with even better potential.

      The whole point of the original story was the irony of it. He goes around during the day staking vamps thinking he’s getting revenge and doing The Right Thing, but he’s just robbing others of their friends and loved ones just as the vampires once did to him. It’s bittersweet, and it leaves a heavy moral message to take away.

      The film didn’t do that. It left us with ‘oh, so why didn’t he just shoot himself at the start’.

      1. Joesays:

        No I haven’t read the book- macho Hollywood ending? Pftt, you and I have very different definitions of “macho”, my friend- macho would be, I dunno, him saving the world through beating everyone up.

        Sound interesting, I admit- and no I didn’t think that at the end, so yeah… though the book ending does sound better

      2. Perhaps a poor choice of words. By Macho I mean the man (needlessly) blows himself up to save a woman and her child. It’s like with Rose and that damn door in Titanic; there was plenty of room for them, if a little tight, in that space. It came across (to me) as little more than Hollywoodesque chest-puffing. I don’t mean macho in a 1980’s Schwarzenegger kind of way hehe.

      3. Joesays:

        Ah ok, that I agree with

    2. TroubleWithStairssays:

      You must have really been wondering what the title meant, huh?

      1. Joesays:


  39. I must disagree with the point on Saw. Nobody saw that ending coming: nobody. But in its own twisted way, it was perfectly logical. Imagine you wake up chained to a bathtub, distracted by the tape messages, the paranoia, the fear, the hunger… it makes sense that they were so involved with their own situation they didn’t think to check the pulse of a man who, to their knowledge, had a bullet hole in his head.

    1. CyberianGinsengsays:

      Exactly. It’s retarded to think that in that situation you’re going to try and check for a pulse on some guy that’s laying on the ground apparently with his wig split like fresh watermelon.

  40. Mike Dsays:

    I think the twist in I Am Legend is more about redemption for the main character, than him having some need to save the woman and her kid. He always felt responsible for allowing the virus to spread, and I felt like his character’s death was necessary. And I don’t know if it’s a deliberate choice or not, but the end credits uses “Redemption Song” by Bob Marley.

    1. CyberianGinsengsays:

      Exactly. The book ending didn’t work for the movie because of the way the creatures were presented. It was totally unrealistic that those creatures would let them walk out of there. When you do something like that you have to do it in a way that in retrospect it’s totally natural within the flow of the story. Otherwise in going for a Usual Suspects finale you end up instead with a Wild Things ending. The theater ending made more sense because Smith wasn’t saving the random woman and child. He was redeeming himself and saving the cure.

  41. Mike Dsays:

    Whoever wrote this article seems to not like getting what he expected.

  42. Kingkrikkit (Kristopher)says:

    Holy shit did you nail the main issue with “I Am Legend”… As soon as I saw the movie I was like “They missed the whole fucking point

    1. Therasays:

      I’m having an issue with this ending. I didn’t see that. I saw them get in, show the man they just wanted the woman back, and he realized they were intelligent, and he gave her back unhealed, then escaped with the woman and child.

      1. Guestsays:

        It was so bad that they had to make an alternate ending. I never read the book, but that ending sounds so much better. I wanted to yell at the screen “Why are you not escaping?!?” “Throw the grenade through the hole in the bulletproof glass, you idiot!”. Youtube has the original ending if you look for it.

      2. Tinksays:

        This was the alternate ending. They made one for theaters and then a second one for DVD. I do like the alternate ending better. I didn’t read the book but may have to now.

  43. Levisays:

    I agree. But my main grjpe about this actice is the authors take on saw 1…cmon man that was one of the best endings because its hard surprise people nowadays. I would have been better if he did make thisartice about why M. Knight sucks, could of filled half the list with his crap, signs was ok but this list not having “the happening or the village” baffles the mind.

    1. Mike Keithsays:

      Ya, thats why I didn’t even bother listing all the mistakes the author has made, including the Saw part. I also agree the M Knight is going downhill, except the ‘Village’ part, because I actually liked that movie, and thought the ending was unexpected and good, but ‘happening’, ‘airbender’ and ‘after earth’ were not so hot

  44. Leevora Harrissays:

    Wow! The book ending to I Am Legend, is 1. Intelligent because how often do humans kill, destroy, make obsolete anything that they deem different and or dangerous? It happens all the time. 2. Unique. The heroin actually turns out to be the bad guy, to the creatures he completely misunderstood. Why would the director and producer and screen writer change hat?

  45. marshallsays:

    I havent seen all of these movies, but have seen most, and I agree they are all horrible plot twists. But the worst, and I really mean the worst… has to be iron man 3’s mandarin twist. I just about walked out of the theatre, seriously. Biggest dissapointment I might have ever had.

    1. Hellfalconsays:

      It was kind of a let-down since I was imagining Kingsley as this uber-sinister motherfucker..

      But at the same time, i let it slide because that was SO FUCKING HILARIOUS hahahaha.
      “They found me loaded, using too many drugs”
      “They offered to get you clean?”
      “No, they offered me more!!”
      Hahaha and how he nods off and explains the entire plan, quoting his own fortune cookie speech all enthusiastically, good stuff.

  46. jdanasays:

    Not sure the writer of this article has a good understanding of things….for example, in Signs, God didn’t “tell the little girl” to leave water laying around…that wasn’t the point at all. If God made it rain, he would have robbed the minister’s family of a chance to come together as a family and to regain their trust in God. God made “all the bad things” work together for something good. For example, the son’s asthma saved his life. The daughter’s water issue helped stop the aliens. The uncle’s baseball past helped hurt the alien. And most importantly, the wife’s crash/death is the moment that “God” sent a message to Mel Gibson’s character…sure, maybe some of the movie was strained, but this part was great…

    1. Keldrocsays:

      I think the writer understood things just fine, since the supposedly divinely inspired elements of Signs are absolutely terrible. God bisecting Mel’s wife so she could tell him cryptically to tell Joaquin Phoenix to hit the monster with a bat so it would get hit with water so Mel could regain his faith…which he lost because God bisected his wife. Awful twist, awful theological justification, awful grasp of the nature of faith. Shyamalan would then go on to make The Happening, which shows that his grasp of science is just as terrible as his grasp on religion.

  47. hardfusays:

    So basically, to sum this up…. you don’t like twist endings. At all. Because this is a horrible list. To go a step further… i’d say you don’t actually like movies or much of anything for that matter. I mean, come on…. Brave? Seriously…

  48. sugarbabysays:

    Most of these films were okay. A couple were great. “Now You See Me…” was just utter crap. Really, really crap. Which is a shame, because the actors (well, most of them) are talented actors. The script was sloppy, and I felt my suspension of disbelief tested one too many times. I was very annoyed at the end of the movie…just kinda pissed that it never got any better.

  49. movieloversays:

    Dren’s personality shift was not unexpected, actually. It was a result of her “mother’s” brutal psychological and physical abuse. I had no problem with Dren becoming violent because that was what she was taught.

    1. tythonsays:

      There was also a blink and you missed it line that Elsa has a genetic quirk that makes her more prone to abusive behavior as Clive had said Crazy runs in the family and since Dren was made using Elsa’s DNA well yeah it turns the film into a nature verses Nurture but it still stacks the deck against Dren since Elsa is just as abusive as her mother was to her….still doesn’t justify the films twist but at least they tried to make it sound believable.

      1. Von Sabrewulfsays:

        Not only that but Dren is not all human she is animal. In the animal kingdom it is seen all the time how the male are violent against other male to show dominance especially during mating season where it is a fight to the death in some cases. Also its shown earlier when the other creatures change sex and both the males become violent towards each other. Basically Dren was in heat and Clive was competition. As for the rape of Elsa unfortunately that is seen in the animal kingdom as well not all females are willing which is why at times you’ll see the males bite the back of the neck and hold females down or in place. Also the fact that Elsas dna was there didn’t help.

      2. bfg666says:

        “Dren is not all human she is animal.” Oh, and humans are… what, exactly? Minerals? Or perhaps plants?

  50. ieykesays:

    Actually, that was the part of Crystal Skull that was completely fine.
    That was in no way out of place in the Indiana Jones series.
    Face melting god crates, heart stealing cult sorcerer, magic immortality cups, alien crystal skull based on real world mythology about the real world crystal skulls. A plot that was not unexpected and had already been done before by others such as Stargate SG-1.

    No, what was wrong with that movie was jungle vine swinging at the speed of racing Jeeps, fencing on the hoods of Jeeps thudding along a jungle road, and a refrigerator getting nuked. If you cut that out it’s actually a goodish movie.

    (I should note that the graphics for the fridge nuking were executed incorrectly, but the physics of the fridge nuking and survivability are actually scientifically sound. ….It is however STILL completely stupid, conceptually speaking.)

  51. William Dean Lukesays:

    The point of Signs wasn’t the fucking aliens…and if you actually WATCHED AND PAID FUCKING ATTENTION, the story itself even says that for some “unknown reason” the aliens didn’t go near large bodies of water. GEE, I WONDER FUCKING WHY. Shamylan’s character even blatantly states the obvious about halfway in when he’s getting the fuck out of Dodge.

    THe movie isn’t ~JUST~ about aliens. It’s about faith, the human condition, and ‘fate’. Don’t try to cheapen by saying it sucks just because YOU can’t grasp anything beyond what you can see plain as day.

    1. TELewsays:

      I thought Signs was stupid.

      Here you have a house full of people running scared because they have no weapons.

      No weapons? What about that baseball bat on the wall, that they have already made such a big deal about earlier in the movie?

      The fact that you could throw water on the aliens and kill them was just plain lame.

      I really don’t take MNS’s movies very seriously, regardless of the “statement” he is trying to make. I don’t think his “theology,” “philosophy,” or whatever he calls it is something profound.

      1. Nicksays:

        Exactly. Imagine their reaction when it rains for the first time. I’m sure that won’t put a dent in their plan.

        Instead of barricading the town, just turn on your sprinklers. Done and done.

        Simple fact is Night made one decent movie, and has been putting us through countless train wreck after train wreck. He is the definition of a one trick pony.

        He’s the opposite of a brilliant director named Charles Laughton. The first movie he directed, and a top 10 movie for me, was night of the Hunter. It was brilliant, but misunderstood and was panned by critics and audiences when it released. He never directed another film, much to the disappointment of future generations.

        I would almost give up Sixth Sense if it meant he’d done something like After Earth FIRST, so we’d have been saved from his future abortions. Ugh, I mean seriously. The last airbender? Hack hack hack hack.

      2. TELewsays:

        I think his biggest problem is trying to make movies about “faith, the human condition, and ‘fate.'”

        The truth is when I go to a science fiction movie (or any movie for that matter), I am not looking to be “redeemed,” “educated,” or “inspired.” I go there to be entertained. I thought The Village was pretty good–until the Twist happened.

        i agree completely with your assessment of MNS.

      3. bfg666says:

        Except the best sci-fi is always thought-provoking. At least Shyamalan tries to achieve that. He fails miserably but you can’t blame him for trying not to make yet another brainless actioner. Go watch the new Transformers, TELew, I’ll stick with 2001.

      4. TELewsays:

        I’ve seen 2001–interesting movie. Of course, I am sure you know that trips on LSD heavily influenced the final sequence. Likewise, other movies of the 1960s, notably The Trip and Easy Rider, include attempts to bring an acid trip from the filmmaker’s inner mind to a broader, outer audience.

        I’ve seen the original Planet of the Apes countless times. Now THAT was a thought provoking, controversial movie when it came out in the 1960s.

        Also, Logan’s Run is an incredible and at the same time sickening movie when you consider the value the story places on individual human beings.

        And nothing tops the original Twilight Zone for themes that turn the tables on the powerful, seeks to understand the perspective of the “Other,” or questions the meaning of existence itself.

        But the truth is I have seen all of these multiple times. There are only so many times that one can contemplate an idea before it becomes rather mundane and uninteresting.

        If Shaymylan is so interested in making thought provoking movies, then why doesn’t he do it as an independent film maker, not with faux blockbusters? I guarantee you that you will find in independent films ideas far more thought provoking than anything you see in Hollywood films (regardless of whether S’s films were actually made in Hollywood, I consider them to be that genre, as their bottom line is monetary profit).

        I am going to see the new Transformers and the new Star Wars. I will be happy if they are entertaining; I am uninterested in what they say about anything.

        If I want intellectual stimulation I will read a good book, perhaps science fiction, or maybe real history, or theology, or philosophy, which I can get for free at the library.

        It is funny that some people view themselves as somehow cultured because they eschew what they regard as vulgar, and embrace what they regard as “deep.” They put forth an air which at best is only pseudo-intellectual.

      5. bfg666says:

        “If Shaymylan (sic) is so interested in making thought provoking movies, then
        why doesn’t he do it as an independent film maker, not with faux
        blockbusters?” Umm, because he ALSO wants to make pretty pictures with lush FX that only Hollywood is able to provide? Who says you have to settle for one or the other?

        I’m never gonna find anything as brainless as a Transformers movie even remotely entertaining. Even as a kid, I’ve always found the concept of giant robots from outerspace coming to our planet to pound each other into iron filings while transforming into usual earthbound objects way too stupid to garner my attention, and it comes as no surprise that Michael Bay is at the helm. If it works for you, suit yourself, I’ll just pass. Please note I’m not denigrating your intelligence by saying so.

        By the way, what does the LSD-influenced visuals of 2001 have to do with what the film says? Also, the movie’s final sequence is only fully understandable to the people who’ve also read the book. I don’t claim to be an intellectual, I just need my entertainment to have at least a little substance.

      6. TELewsays:

        Fair enough.

        And I am sorry if I came across a little hard.

        I actually do think robots, giant or otherwise, are cool. It dates from when I was a kid (early 1970s) and used to see “Ruff and Reddy” cartoons on afternoon TV. My favorite R&R episodes featured them (Ruff was a dog, and Reddy was a red cat) battling evil robots. I can still see bits of it in my memory today.

        As for Transformers, I always thought the idea of robots turning into trucks and cars was kind of stupid. I started watching the original animated series when I was in college (I lived at home) and my younger brother and his friends would watch it. It was your typical good vs. evil sci-fi/fantasy fair, and since it does have a fairly complex (believe it or not) set of relationships between a large number of recurring characters, I kind of got hooked on it. Also, I thought the Decepticons were cool.

        As for Michael Bay’s “vision” of it, I was largely disappointed with it. But as I don’t have a “life” (I am fifty, single, live in a small apartment which has a close resemblance to a hoarder’s apartment, not into the bar scene, etc.) I see a lot of movies, many of which I would never have gone to 20 years ago (when I did have a “life” and went to the bars)–I have even been to the two expendable movies, which are of a genre I have never cared for (and I just don’t care for Stallone).

        So there you have it. When I go to movies, I go to escape from both the doldrums of my work and my less than comfortable apartment. I go to the movies so much that I have developed friendships with the movie theater staff–a couple of weeks ago I went with them on a road trip to see Godzilla (which was kind of disappointing in that what could have been a good story was eclipsed by your typical run-of-mill action movie. Although I will say that Godzilla has never looked better, and when the monsters were finally allowed to fight on screen, there were some really cool scenes.)

        I am far from impressed by most movies I see. Believe it or not, I am much more satisfied by less action and more story–kind of along the lines of Lovecraft or Lord of the Rings. And for the record, I have an academic background (Ph.D. History), and have taken a good number of philosophy courses. For me a movie is something to relax the mind rather than stimulate it.

      7. bfg666says:

        I have nothing against robots per se: I love Asimov’s books and I grew up watching UFO Robot Grendizer (a Mazinger-Z type anime show hugely popular here in France in the late 70’s/early 80’s, featuring the former pilot of Mazinger-Z as a sidekick). Transformers came later, during my early teens, and you know how teens are: they tend to reject everything that would equate them to children.

        So at that point, I had stopped watching kids’ animated shows. Transformers’ stupid premise of robots shapeshifting into cars, coupled to the even more stupid fact that these beings from outerspace come specifically to Earth to fight each other (I mean come on, isn’t there a less populated place in the whole universe?), really didn’t help raising my interest, so I never got hooked on it. Then the movies were made by Michael Bay, who ranks high in the hierarchy of the “filmmakers” that I despise the most.

        I understand your need for escapism more than you know. The thing is, when a film requires you to switch the lights off in the upstairs room (read: unplug your brain), it bores me to death, thus nullifying said escapism and having quite the opposite effect. I do like action movies when they actually have a purpose (e.g. Rambo 1), not for the sake of booms and bangs.

        Bottomline: I escape way more with films like 2001, Moon or even Alien than with any random mindless showdown.

      8. TELewsays:

        Fair enough.

      9. TELewsays:

        With regard to LSD-influence visuals–I won’t argue against your point, as I have never read the book. My familiarity 2001 is rather shallow, and I know a lot more about the period in which it was made rather than the work itself.

        As for MSM, I have no problem with him using Hollywood technology for “pretty pictures with lush FX.” But such pictures always come with a price, usually towards dumbing down the movies. As a Tolkien quasi-purist, the visuals of Jackson’s The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit are incredible, and in many (but not all) case absolutely nails it. On the other hand, some of his alterations of the storyline just destroy the original spirit of the LoTR.

        The problem with MSM is his “twists” are just stupid. I would go into the movie expecting something really good, then the “twist” would happen, and it’s like, oh, that’s stupid. The movie for me that this is most true for is Signs. I am a horror fan, so when I learned the “truth” while watching The Village, it was a big letdown.

        I actually kind of liked The Last Airbender, and would watch a sequel. But it wasn’t because of any “ideas” included–I thought it was a decent fantasy movie.

      10. UiscePrestonsays:

        It is the same issue I have with War of the Worlds. The aliens spend so much time and effort plotting a large scale invasion, they skip finding out if the environment has any potentially toxic elements if encountered without protective gear.

      11. Nicksays:


        I can’t imagine the people involved in the movie not at least considering that fact. Those things always baffle me. Do they just not care? Did they blow their budget without taking that into consideration?

        I mean, don’t get me wrong. Some of my favorite classic films have plot points that make you go “SERIOUSLY?!?” The Maltese Falcon, one of my favorite films of all time, has many, many of those moments. We’ve gotten far more savvy in the last century, and won’t just shrug off plot points that make no sense.

        That said, the reason those films are still good is directly related to the class of acting, charisma, direction and the remainder of the story. A GOOD film is one that can rise above some bits of bad writing.

      12. Jack Madisonsays:

        The sequel will be titled “The Squirt Gun From Hell.”

  52. TroubleWithStairssays:

    You could’ve made it an even dozen by mentioning Haute Tension.

  53. Disgustedsays:

    Dear Author;

    You’re a petulant, irritating, and just spiteful douchebag.


    Any truly self respecting Cinephile.

    1. TronSheridansays:

      So denigrating someone makes you better?

      1. Boomboomsays:

        no…in this case it just makes him correct

      2. Michael Linksays:

        or a douche, which seems more plausible…

      3. bfg666says:

        You can’t be a douche for calling a douche a douche.

      4. Michael Linksays:

        you’re a douche for correcting me in front of all my fans….

      5. bfg666says:


  54. Boomboomsays:

    This list was created by a moron

  55. Meesays:

    The fact you did not enjoy Brave like the rest of the world or get any of the messages from it, proves you are sad individual watching spending time between your parents basement and some lovely movie theater, hold on to the last blockbuster video card in America. Don’t over think or analyze the movie.

    No to point out the obvious, but Merida spends the beginning of the movie, yelling and fighting with her movie basically “you don’t care about me, or what I want”. Despite being turned into a bear by her daughter’s teenage, find a way out antics (in this instance seeking out a witch), she then basically sacrifices herself in defense of her daughter against Maldune. If battling a monster, and damn near killing yourself isn’t evidence that you care, I’m just saying. Excellent movie, loved by more adults then children.

    Disney redeemed themselves for the years of crap they have churned out with these last two princesses Tiana, and Merida

  56. Bobby Callowaysays:

    I don’t see how Brave counts as a plot twist? It only happens halfway through the film. Besides, the movie does not suddenly switch to Elinor. The movie has always been about both her and Merida. The bear incident allows them to both grow as characters. Merida learns that diplomacy and negotiating skills are necessary in certain times, while Elinor learns that force has to be used as well. The story arc is both women learning to understand the other’s viewpoint.

    And Remember Me? Didn’t you miss the opening in 1991 that then skips to “Ten Years Later”. Tyler also goes to see American Pie 2, which came out in 2001. The screenwriter got the idea from reading 9/11 obituaries. The shock was the point of the whole thing. 9/11 was a shock and people were abruptly taken from us. By having the main character be killed in 9/11 it really emphasises the suddenness and tragedy of it all. And many survivors of the tragedy spoke up and said they felt the film handled it very well

  57. Googlyeyessays:

    The butthurt is strong in this comment section. Don’t be so easily affected by other people’s opinions. Shows how weak you all are.

  58. Huntersays:

    “I Am Legend” also lost sight of another crucial, unwritten rule: NEVER kill the dog!

  59. bobersays:

    Alot of these aren’t twists, just the endings.

  60. William Fonseca Mayorgasays:

    I would say you forgot Iron-Man 3 but that was not a great film

  61. asdsays:

    you’re wrong about irking fans… more people liked it than saw it in your dumbass way

  62. Taker13says:

    “Luke and Leia’s romance is so obvious to the other characters that, in Return of the Jedi, Han agrees to back off so the two of them can be together.”

    If by the end of Empire you’re still thinking Luke and Leia had a chance, then you were clearly watching a different movie (which is criminal, because this was the moment Han cemented himself as the walking legend of macho coolness personified).

    Leia: I love you
    Han: I know

    The whole of Empire was to set-up the Han-Leia romance. How did you not get that?

    1. TELewsays:

      My only problem with the Luke-Leia thing was that it was just put forth as an afterthought. At the end of The Empire Strikes Back it seems like the fact that there is “another” will be a major plot device. But in Return of the Jedi, the fact that Leia has the Force is inconsequential to her. Yes, Vader riles up Luke when he suggests bringing her over to the darkside (why did Vader not detect the force in her in Episode IV when they stood face-to-face), and the fact that Luke and Leia are twins results in Han winning the girl. But for Leia, it is never anything really consequential, and that disappointed me.

      But the thing I found that kind-of ruined ROTJ was the ewoks–teddy bear men. Too cute! ( I am not against the idea of small bear-like beings, but in execution they became teddy bear men!)

      1. bfg666says:

        “Why did Vader not detect the force in her in Episode IV when they stood face-to-face?” Because Lucas has always been a terrible writer who couldn’t care less about continuity issues in his scripts. Just watch the prequels right after the OT.

      2. TELewsays:

        I absolutely agree.

        Here’s another one.

        Why didn’t Obi Wan Kenobi recognized droids he owned or worked with throughout the Clone Wars?

      3. bfg666says:

        Or why was Obi-Wan so shady and feared in Ep IV while he was such a goody-two-shoes in I-II-III?

  63. thisispetesays:

    Iron man, was soooo much better before he went all super hero. I would have loved an entire movie of Robert Downey Jr being a smug & snarky arms dealer / playboy living life without consequence.

    1. CyberianGinsengsays:

      WTF?!? If that’s the case then why even watch a movie called “Iron Man”?

      Go watch Lord of War instead and daydream it’s RD Jr instead of Nick Cage.

  64. Hellfalconsays:

    i agree with everything here for sure, signs, batman, those observations are spot-on.
    But while Indy 4 wasn’t the best of the series by any means..

    To be honest aliens involved with an ancient civilization is a lot less far-fetched and unrealistic than the ark of the covenant or holy grail haha..finding the aliens unrealistic is a terrible argument after the series has had magical jesus trinkets in it.
    i mean sci-fi at least has science involved in some small way..same can’t be said for religion.
    that aside obviously those are much better and classic films ( I love Temple too, a lot of people don’t) But the sketchy writing and other poor aspects of 4 are its faults, not the alien being involved by any means.

  65. Hellfalconsays:

    I am legend was nowhere near as good as Hestons original Omega Man either, though the endings were similar the survivors in Omega Man had a lot more characterization for a lot more of the film.
    And the villains were an intelligent, albino cult who had perfectly good mental capacity, they even put him on trial..but they ALSO were homicidally insane. Its a lot better than I Am Legend using the stale running screaming zombies trope, even if they were kiiindof sentient, like the deleted scene showing at the end they were trying to rescue his guinea pig

  66. TronSheridansays:

    Splice sucked, regardless of a twist. Indy 4 had no twist. I agree on Brave.

    Back to Indy 4. I’ve always found it deliciously ironic that people can fully accept biblical artifacts that can melt Nazis with the Laser of God, that drinking from a mythical chalice will make you immortal, and that Indian stones of power can turn people into mindless zombies, but the thought of aliens is utterly ridiculous?!! LOL!

    1. bfg666says:

      It’s not just the (badly designed) aliens. The whole movie was embarassing. I mean, nuked fridge? Car chase at highway-level speeds in the jungle? Yeah, right… Not to mention the fact that Harrison Ford REALLY looked like he was much too old for this: his action scenes are among the lamest I’ve ever seen and blatantly show the actor’s limits due to his age. The (badly designed) aliens were just the nauseating icing on the rotting cake.

  67. AnyaFanyasays:

    “Brave” is not about a traditional princess. It is about daughters, mothers, the relationships between them, and how they grow to see each other’s perspectives over time, thus coming to appreciate each other in ways they did not previously. The transformation is not a plot twist; it IS the plot.

    1. TELewsays:

      I loved Brave, and I thought the story line, however traditional, was great.

      I have told all my friends who are mothers and/or daughters they really need to see the movie with their mother/daughter.

    2. Jillsays:

      I’d say that Brave was nothing like what I thought it would be based on the trailers… I definitely thought there would be more wild Princess archery going on, some external threat maybe. So it was a little disappointing if that’s what you wanted from it. However if evaluated without these expectations it was a heartwarming family story that was very enjoyable.

  68. jeffphpninjasays:

    Who gives a care what the arrogant and selfish purists want? An odd/unexpected plot does not make a movie bad all the time and Indiana Jones was just fine. Though LaDouche or whatever his name is, dragged it down a bit for me.

  69. Jimsays:

    I disagreed with most of this list so hard I don’t even know where to begin. Just stop watching movies. You totally suck.

  70. The SaneVoicesays:

    Completely disagree about the Luke and Leia once. I was six when I first saw Star Wars and Empire and even at that time I knew they were setting up Leia and Han to be together. Leia only kissed Luke previously to make Han Jealous

  71. Tequilerosays:

    Agree with almost all of these. On point. Just wish this was written after Oldboy came out, because dang – that plot twist really ruined a pretty good movie. Never saw the original…

    1. bfg666says:

      Your loss, the original was great. And it didn’t look as if the director took too much acid…

  72. Vits/Vicente Torressays:

    I don’t think the twist made BANE a less cool villain. But I did hate his death. I wasn’t even sure if he had die until the movie was over. I mean, he seemed like he could survive that blast.

    You didn’t mention the dumbest thing about SAW: That JIGSAW would decide to lay there, which was uncomfortable, and risk that the heart-stopping drug would wear off (he might move). And for what? He could’ve seen everything from behind that window.

    Aside from saw, you should’ve added James Wan & Leigh Whannel’s other movie DEAD SILENCE. The twist was not only silly but completely unnecessary.

  73. joesays:

    911 was an inside job

    1. Noelsays:

      Put your tinfoil hat back on

  74. Glennsays:

    There is one other thing that makes the movie “I Am Legend” a complete failure. Will Smith.

  75. JamesECashsays:

    Ah yes… the horrible shitty saw series… what a trip. that first movie was piece of shit of a film and what a great “twist” it was the the dead guy on the floor the whole time… wow! and Splice could have imo been a masterpiece of sci-fi and horror had it been given some more time to explore those ideas in the script a little more. i still think its a good film.

  76. Z4RQUON .says:

    The original (real) ending for I Am Legend exists. It is a way better movie that way.

  77. Kneedlesays:

    I disagree about Brave. It was refreshing to showcase a mother/daughter relationship and self-determination instead of the misunderstood or downtrodden MarySue who lives happily ever after with there perfect prince of the typical Disney princess flick.

  78. Philipemsays:

    For one bane wasn’t just a mindless puppet if these assholes would have watched the film bane was the protector inside the prison…not just a hired soldier

  79. Barfscarfsays:

    You’re full of shit if you think that twist ruined Return of the Jedi.

    And Kingdom of the Crystal Skull was ruined long before that plot twist.

  80. samysays:

    Well, whoever made this list has some strange perception.. For example “Signs”.. all thos small details are connected.. Like little Moe leaving glasses of water all around the room.. it wasn’t “God” who “told” her to do it, it’s a Nervous Tick which some children have (I had similar tick).. Then the boys asthma, it helped him by shutting down his breathing, otherwise he’d inhaled poison.. Those “confusing” words that wife said before dyeing were actually there to make viewer think, if either she remembered some unrelated memories flashing before her eyes, or if somehow she knew (& in this sense director implies that perhaps it was a “miracle”).. That’s why all the coincidences, where Gibson starts to connect all the dots.. I mean you need to look at these things from a bit of different perspective, because if you go to a movie just so that it would make sense, than that’s the wrong type.. You probably should watch either Documentaries, or attend some Sciences Conference.. Sure, some movies progress, or end in such a way that viewer either didn’t expect, or didn’t want (like main character dyeing..), but that’s what makes it unique in retrospect..

  81. Roby Razbojniksays:

    don’t agree on the Batman thing….I actually liked how Miranda betrayed him….otherwise it would be another “he found her, she found him and everything went well” bullshit situations….the only thing that I still kinda can’t make up my mind about whether or not should have happen is whether or not Bruce should have survived…on that I really can’t decide , cause both endings seem suitable …

  82. Pugironsays:

    This author is just a bitch.

  83. Noelsays:

    For those saying “the last Indy movie sucked because the first 3 were all faith based and the 4th wasn’t”….How do you know the first 3 were faith based now that the 4th showed an ancient, religious relic was in fact the work of aliens? Couldn’t that mean that each main artifact from the previous movies was essentially an alien weapon as well, with protections (and safe guards for those “in the know” as well) to keep from falling into the hands of mankind? 1st movie, defense = look at it and die (similar to looking directly at a nuclear blast can blind you), safe guard = not looking at it. Second movie, defense = convincing yourself of a little known, even less believed ancient religion enough to say the words (voice activation), with the right words causing intense heat (defense 2). Movie 3, hiding a powerful weapon (eternal life) by disguising it as something that goes against mankind nature, that something of wealth and power can look decrepit and simple, not flashy and expensive. Then of course, the fourth movie flat out say ALIENS! Again, with a defense mechanism in place to protect said artifacts.

    Don’t think I’m defending the 4th movie, I’m not, it stunk compared to the rest, I’m just addressing the obvious mainstream theists who have complained numerous times on this board that the whole point of Indiana Jones Movies was to show how a scientist can be taught to be a believer in god. I’ve never seen the movies that way, and I think the forth at the very least opens the door for speculation on exactly what and from where those first 3 artifacts came from.

  84. Matt Weilertsays:

    I have to completely disagree with Remember Me being on here. The film was moderately interesting but what really stood out was the ending. I don’t think it was tasteless or misguided at all. The fact is that it, more than any film. really shows how out of left field life can be. 9/11 films are always advertised as such and so it’s no surprise when it happens. This movie showed a collection of people going about their own lives, with their everyday squabbles, and how something as big and tragic as the 9/11 attacks could be so random. This wasn’t a movie following someone’s life up to the event, like others of it’s kind. It revealed a life cut short and in my opinion helped drive the point home that there are some things we can’t control. The movie was a bland and slow drama with not much going on. These were not heroes or even all that interesting characters, they were just people. These were the kind of people that died that day, just going about their lives. The ending is what defined the entire film, not some tacked on controversy as everyone seems to think.

    I’d also say that tasteless would be showing it all, as opposed to cutting it.

    1. Actually...says:

      “9/11 fans are always advertised as such”… Yes, know why? Think about those of us who lost loved ones in those attacks, who lived through them, etc. We go to a movie theatre for a seemingly innocent romantic film & end up unexpectedly reliving an intensely traumatic event in our lives. I’m sorry, I didn’t pay $10 for PTSD cognitive behavioral therapy. So yes, it WAS misguided and tasteless.

      1. bfg666says:

        FOR YOU, but apparently not for many other people similarly affected by this tragedy. Honestly, if you need therapy after seeing a mere MOVIE, it only underlines the fact that YOU NEEDED THERAPY ALL ALONG ANYWAY. So yeah, you should actually be thankful to the movie for revealing it to you. Or maybe you like living in denial and letting your issues incubate until they explode in your face, which usually doesn’t go very well.

        Also, this should teach you something about expectations…

  85. Melmothsays:

    “Sunshine” could be added to this list: It intelligently shows how people interact when confronted with a no-win situation. It is a thought provoking sci-fi film with an original plot and excellent acting that was almost completely ruined by the last 20 minutes.

    1. Brian Graysays:

      I so disagree with that. I managed to catch this one in the theatre and it is one of my favorite Danny Boyle film. I loved the introduction of the insane Pinbacker. Totally overlooked movie

  86. Roguesays:

    Completely agree about Brave!

  87. brendarileysays:

    Boy you really missed it with Return of the Jedi. Leah kisses Luke to get Han Solo’s attention, and make him jealous.

  88. UiscePrestonsays:

    How the twist in High Tension missed the list is beyond me.

  89. Sam Millssays:

    I think “Brave” would have been just fine had it been the adventure film everyone was expecting (based on the ads and even the title itself). It was original title was “The Bear and the Bow” and though not a great title, a title like that would have at least put our expectations in the right place.

  90. adam washingtonsays:

    yeah that second ending to savages was a cop out and that’s just sad….this is why we need people in the screenwriting/directing business that have no problem with dark endings and refuse to do crappy “happy” endings that hollywood wants….

    and yes that fourth indiana jones film….terrible :/

  91. adam washingtonsays:

    oh yeah and splice was pretty terrible as well…why the hell would a woman keep the baby of an experiment gone wrong that RAPED her?? what the hell??

    1. bfg666says:

      Many women keep their rapist’s baby, mostly for stupid religious reasons. But she’s a scientist, so maybe she keeps it to study it? Who knows, and that’s not the point of the movie anyway. And as a scientist, she’s not subjected to the same emotional laws and morals than govern the regular human psyche: she and Clive experimenting with human DNA should be proof enough of that. If her keeping the baby is why you believe Splice sucked (yes, it is a belief, not a fact), then you need to reassess your way of watching movies.

      1. adam washingtonsays:

        Either way, what you just said was super duper sexy.

      2. bfg666says:

        Because there’s ass in reassess?

        Anyway, the article made me want to watch Splice again, which I just did, and I was right: she does keep it to study it. Or more accurately, she keeps it to study it for her employers. It’s not explicitly stated but it’s strongly hinted at in the dialogue between her and her boss, right before we see her pregnant belly.

      3. adam washingtonsays:

        I shall watch splice again myself and I shall proceed to stand on my head while singing the national anthem in pig latin.

  92. PHmaalsays:

    The Dark Knight Rises sucked balls!!! Clearly the worst of the trilogy. I would rather have seen clips of Adam West play batman for two hours. Not even an army of street cops could save this one #HilariousOneLiner. No one notice the fact that both Bruce Wayne and batman disappear at the same time. I know Maggie Gyllenhaal was a big drop from Katie Holmes but your that upset about it that you broke your own leg over it. And this is just the first ten minutes. I don’t have enough fingers to type everything that’s wack about this movie. Lets see, we got the bat mobile with knives under it, Anne Hathaway as the giraffe-neck cat-woman. Bane was fw#[email protected] 2#4% dfsf that’s what he sound like, Ra’s Al ghul daughter was sexy, and Robin may or may not start fighting crime underneath what is now a orphan home. It should’ve been called, wait for it, …. The Dark Knight Fell. They should’ve had superman just snap someones neck at the end. All jokes aside, this was a tragedy from beginning to end. Clearly looked good on paper but never satisfied me. Epic fail in my book.

  93. Mike MacLeodsays:

    You need to take another look at the Star Wars trilogy. There was little to no bickering between Luke and Han about who gets Leia. And aside from the kiss on the bridge of the Death Star, there is no romantic chemistry between Luke and Leia at all. The kiss on Hoth was to prove a point to Han, not about making moves on Luke. Aside from about three scenes in the entire trilogy, there was no hint at a budding romance between Luke and Leia. You are just dead wrong about that one.

  94. ‘terrible plot twists’ aka ‘attitude’

  95. Just2Clarifysays:

    Haven’t seen Remember Me, but based on this description, the twist may have actually been intended to convey the true nature of tragedy. “While not particularly compelling, its characters are at least believable, and their interactions are organic”. Regular people’s lives aren’t particularly compelling, and tragedy has a way of trivializing the issues that seemed overwhelming. Sept 11 may have been over-the-top in this case, but it is an event that many people can relate to.

  96. chien_cleansays:

    Crystal Skull was not a Great film. It sucked not just at the end.

  97. Alexander Useltonsays:

    From the movies which I have seen on this list (Remember Me, Starwars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi, and Now You See Me) I find that if you agree with the bullshit talked about these particular films you don’t know anything about Hollywood taking on American Independent Cinema. Not every movie is supposed to have happy romantic ending or be fair to the characters. These particular “twists” make things a little more interesting than most Hollywood productions. Who cares who gets offended by these films; it’s art. Much of racism and stereotypes still exist because people get ofuckingfended over stupid shit. I don’t get offended unless someone calls me out directly to my name or face, really it’s more of an irritation. I’m sure most all of the films you might believe to be awesome or perfect in every way have offended somebody. This is why people always call out critics for judging great as being poor and not by their standards.

  98. milan227says:

    I used to think that Luke Skywalker and Han Solo were actually meant to be siblings, with Han as the oldest (obviously), especially in the first movie. Both of them are flying aces, both of them even have the same hair-style, they both bicker like brothers tend to do. Kenobi zoomed in on Han for their escape from Tatooine, and tolerates his wise-cracks to an amazing degree. Not to forget both of them were responsible for blind-siding Vader. If you think from that perspective then maybe Luke and Leia were supposed to be the original couple. Well, it’s a theory. Maybe Lucas couldn’t choose who should have been with Leia and so disrupted the whole universe to give Luke a cast-iron reason to not be with her?
    Well just a thought

    1. bfg666says:

      They bicker like any buddy movie duo does. Jedi were supposed to be some sort of buddhist monks, whom tolerance is pretty much their motto. Luke and Leia weren’t supposed to be anything, I think Leia didn’t even exist in the first script. Lucas is a notoriously undecided guy who constantly changes his mind about stuff. Case in point: the original “The Star Wars” treatment recently adapted by Dark Horse Comics. Read it. No, seriously. It has very little to do with the final movie and has a distinctly more 50’s sci-fi pulp feel to it.

  99. Ocrisiasays:

    Someone wrote somewhere that Signs was actually about demons, not aliens, and that was why there was so much religion in the movie, (referral to end times or the apocalypse or whatever) and that somehow because the girl was innocent and maybe bc her father was a priest the glasses of water were actually holy water. I don’t know, but it makes the movie a little better to me. Idk, maybe it’s just wishful thinking, because I don’t want to believe the ending was so bad. It was an interesting take on the movie though and it makes more sense than aliens being allergic to water.

    1. ericmvansays:

      I’ve never read that, but I came up with the same conclusion. It actually makes the message of the movie pretty offensive to any rational person: that everything, including the worst tragedies, happen because of God’s plan. Rabbi Harold Kushner sold many million books (When Bad Things Happen to Good People) pointing out how idiotic and destructive that notion is.

  100. jeremy3852says:

    he also missed the plot of now you see me. the FBI are not incompetent, it is just that the crimes and actions of the magicians don’t follow the normal profile. they are so focused on the nest logical move that the FBI miss the trick. the whole movie is about miss direction and I thought the whole big reveal at the end was believable, and a nice twist

    1. bfg666says:

      Who is Miss Direction?

  101. jeremy3852says:

    and his view on TDKR is also wrong. it was not a great movie. they basically took 3 or 4 plot arcs form the batman comic put it in a blender, then pieced it back together as this film. there were huge plot holes, unrealistic parts of the film, and in the end did not live up to the previous two films.

  102. austin idolsays:


  103. CyberianGinsengsays:

    The author really smoked a phat one on that one with Splice. You could see what was coming a mile away. It was always supposed to be sci fi horror. That’s the reason I wanted to see the film. Unfortunately, I wanted a low budget Alien, but ended up with a lower budget Species instead.

    1. bfg666says:

      Alien is not sci-fi horror, more like sci-fi suspense/terror. Why would you expect Splice to be a sub-par Alien anyway? Nothing in the trailers and other promo pointed in that direction.

  104. Kandorsays:

    I don’t agree with you at all about “Remember me” me and my girlfriend watched that in 2010 and found it pretty inventive, I didn’t see it coming. I hate when people lack imagination, and use good plot twists to justify hating a movie, just becaust they want the classic “happily ever after” boring ass movie ending. Sorry bro, real life doesn’t work out that way.

  105. Kandorsays:

    Yeah, two for two, the ending of signs doesn’t seem that bad either, you just can’t come to grips with movie endings. I can because I write, and I know I can write circles around what is in Hollywood now. I didn’t like the ending of The Matrix or Identity, those are plot twists that suck.

  106. Kandorsays:


    1. bfg666says:

      Yelling won’t make you more right, you know…

  107. Kandorsays:

    I am legend is about Humanities survival through one mans persistence, bravery, and sacrifice. Not the main characters.

  108. Kandorsays:

    Saw ONLY the ending of Splice and laughed my tail off, thank goodness I didn’t watch the whole thing, sounds like a big disappointment.

    1. bfg666says:

      No, it’s a good cronenbergian movie. It’s the author of this “article” who’s a big disappointment.

  109. Kandorsays:

    Saw is brilliant. Now your just getting mad at stuff you didn’t see coming. You should have “Now you see me.” on there, I guessed it was the cop from the moment he kept acting so “incompetent.”

  110. Kandorsays:

    Oh, you did have it on here, good man, now I saw that one coming, LITERALLY from when the detective said “I’m being beaten on this case.” No FBI guy is that, I can’t think of the word because I am tired so I am going to go 3 year old on this, “GIVE-UP-EY.” This one is fresh in my head too because I just watched this on HBO today. Also, they give it away, by focusing too much on the French lady (Melanie Laurent, who is one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen) and the detective, and not enough on the capers.

    1. bfg666says:

      Umm… defeatist?

  111. Kandorsays:

    It was an overall fun movie, and you just can’t seem to understand how hard it is to write a TRULY TRULY “got ya” moment in movies. The movie audience has basically seen it all, I do think there are one or two TRULY unique “got ya’s” out there that we as a mass public have not seen yet. Why didn’t you put “The Orphan” on here, that was just stupid. I’m sorry to me, the best two are “The Uninvited” and “Dead Silence.”

  112. rose1957says:

    Signs is just a different version of War of the Worlds.

  113. Darkadvocatesays:

    Saw twist was completely fine and actually a very effective twist for the movie. It would seem the majority of the readers here also agree with that. The same “illogical” things you pointed out like not checking for signs of life can be explained in other ways. First if you are to use logic than who the hell logically decides they should exert themselves checking a body that by all appearances is dead when they are stuck in that situation. A dead body is non-factor and probably the furthest things from their mind when all you want to do is escape. They were both chained, it isn’t like they could just get up and feel for a pulse and the body obviously didn’t move or they would have seen it. For that matter he could have been on some sort of beta blocker or other drug to lower all his body functions to a rate they would be extremely hard to suggest. Sorry, but disliking a twist is one thing, but to say it ruined the film is ridiculous especially with the reasoning you gave for it being a “bad” twist. Especially the last sentence, having no twist or reveal at the end is having the movie end on a bigger “bang”? While having an unexpected twist makes it a whimper? Where did your logic go?

    1. bfg666says:


  114. IWatchMoviessays:

    yeah, Isaac Feldberg shouldn’t watch movies.
    I personally like twist and disagree with most of his selection of supposed
    “11 Great Films Ruined By Terrible Plot Twists”
    Some of these movies were great due to the twist.

  115. Donny Williamssays:

    didn’t know the DKR thing was a twist, but maybe it’s because I know probably too much about batman. I saw it coming as soon as they showed the scar on her back in the love scene. Anyway, I liked it. I think that one was as good as the second. I know I’m in the minority, but the crap some people give about that movie is just stupid.

  116. Jonathan Wintsays:

    I hated the (I Am Legend) ending the DVD had a alternate ending more faithful to the book. But what they went with sucked..

  117. Mordalosays:

    I still think the swerve in Transporter ruined the movie for me.
    One second, Li is the victim, kidnapped against her will, then it turns out she’s the daughter of the bad guy? Made no sense to me.

  118. Jack Luminoussays:


    The writer of this list of GREAT films spoilt by bad twist endings is a bit stupid.

    Signs was a good movie – not the best ever made and IMHO it delivered…good acting all round I am not normally impressed by Mel Gibson but he was cool in it- some suspenseful moments, some creepy moments…and this is most important it was about losing faith and regaining faith…Now how can a “bad” twist ending actually wreck the other parts? The film is NOT reliant on its twist ending!

    I am NOT trolling but the twist in The Usual Suspects is far more damaging and bad – Oh Kevin Spacey was making it all up so we cannot believe ANY of the movie – its as lame as it was “all just a dream…”

    Best twists in movies IMHO

    Planet Of The Apes (original)
    M Butterfly
    White Panic – an obscure Asian horror a bit like Cube/Saw
    Bloody Reunion
    The Village – 3 twists in a row WTF
    Unbreakable (though its not really a twist IMHO)

    Worst twists

    The Usual Suspects – as explained above
    Fight Club – no real plot tbh…just atrendy film to like but its quite poor apart from the graphics
    The Sixth Sense – simply because it was too easy to guess

  119. Randy Armstrongsays:

    Iron man 3 and The Mandarin.

    1. bfg666says:


      1. TronSheridansays:


      2. bfg666says:


  120. Xavsays:

    I think the whole point of Bane’s reveal at the end of DKR was to prove that Batman was really the only person that stood for something. Bane was a fake, he was brilliant and he was a tough combatant but, in the end, he was a fake and he died as such. They weren’t trying to make a legendary villain on par with the Joker, the movie was about Batman, Bane just made a good candidate for Batman physically.

  121. Adam Heatherlysays:

    Leias from alderan its kinda the Mississippi of the galaxy

  122. hornaceksays:

    Regarding Saw:

    “It seems strikingly illogical that neither Adam nor Lawrence would have scrutinized the body to check for signs of breathing or movement.”

    Kinda hard to examine a body when you’re chained to the wall and can’t reach it.

    “If there had been some sort of hint at Jigsaw’s presence in the room with the two men earlier in the film, his ultimate unveiling could have been a great twist,”

    Oh, you mean the few times that characters say that Jigsaw likes to have a front-row seat to his set-ups?

    Don’t say this twist ruined the movie just because you can’t pay attention to the film.

  123. Ericsays:

    Ok list but I disagree with Saw. The twist was hinted in a scene at another crime, someone else posted about it as well. To say it insults the two characters intellegence is also too harsh. These two men were tired, weak, scared and on a time table. They wouldn’t think to check a body that seems to have a gun wound in the head for a pulse. It was a good twist in my opinion.

  124. Anna Vsays:

    I slightly take back my comments about the ‘Remember Me’ twist.

    I’ve seen the movie, but I also read the original script, where Tyler’s brother was killed in the first WTC bombing. You’re supposed to believe that that attack was 9/11, making the ending come out of nowhere and be all the more heartbreaking, but I forgot that the actual movie cut out that part of the script.

    Without knowing what the script originally was, I could see why it seems like a ‘tacked on’ ending and I remember now why I was disappointed with the movie (having read the script before seeing it). I do think that, if they had left in the first WTC attack, it would have made the ‘twist’ an actual ‘twist’ and completely gut-wrenching. Instead, they cut it out and made his brother’s death a ‘regular’ suicide, which made the ending not as ‘unexpected’ as the original script.

  125. Alexissays:

    While ‘Signs’ was, in no particular terms, a good movie, the title itself should denote why the twist was not ‘terrible’, but expected. The ‘signs’ were not the crop circles or aliens, but the ‘signs’ one “gets”/receives before an event.

    Some people see these as ‘religious’ signs, while others see them as just coincidence, but they, in the movie, are set up to represent ‘signs’ or messages sent from ‘God’ to help in a difficult situation.

    The girl’s inability to drink from a ‘contaminated’ glass of water (one that was not fresh), Gibson’s wife’s last words as she tragically died, his brother’s inability to fulfill his baseball dreams but still kept his bat around, etc. Those are the ‘signs’ that ‘God’ exists to help protect people.

    The fact that Gibson’s character was a former minister/pastor/man of God who shunned his faith after his wife’s death was the Checkov’s Gun. ‘God’ sent him ‘signs’ that helped him find a way to ‘defeat’ the alien race (which would have self-defeated rather rapidly without ‘His’ intervention), which helped bring him back into the Church. Even the son’s allergies/asthma played into the ‘signs’ from ‘God’.

    Basically, this was not really a ‘twist’, but just a fulfillment of the movie title. The ‘signs’ were provided to make him a believer again, nothing else. If you are trying to make it more than that, you are reading too much into it.

  126. Anna Vsays:

    Finished the list and I have to agree with other commentators – you do not seem to understand what a ‘good twist’ is, nor do you seem to really understand most of the movies you wrote about.

    Splice WAS a sci-fi horror movie from the beginning, akin to Species (some say it is a very close rip-off). The ‘twist’ was coming from a mile away. They constantly made comments about her genetics and how she had different personality traits from her biological donors. Her evolution into a metamorphasized male was not unexpected – she was displaying more and more aggressive and male ‘traits’ before her change.

    TDKR – Bane was her ‘protector’ in the prison, he was not just a random soldier. Almost every Batman movie involves two or more ‘bad guys’. Just because Bane was not the only ‘big bad’ in the movie does not make it a ‘bad twist’. In fact, the twist that she was involved all along (and the daughter of the Ra) was a great twist.

    Saw – I question if you saw this film when it first came out, because the ‘twist’ was brilliant and quite original. The guy/voice they heard the entire time was another person set up with a trap (unbeknownst to them) – they had no idea that it was not Jigsaw. The fact that he put himself in the middle of the room, so he could see/hear everything they did to try and escape was brilliant and new to the horror genre. If you did not see the movie when it first came out, I could see how newer movies ‘spoiled’ the originality, since other movies have mimicked the ‘actual killer hidden in the room’ since then.

    Star Wars – Others have said it better, but it was clear that Leia loved Han, not Luke. Yes, there was the creepy kiss(es), but there was motive behind at least one of them. Because neither of them actually knew, for sure, that they were related when they kissed, it was not that big of a deal.

    Now You See Me – This movie is so multi-layered, that it really does take a second or third viewing to really understand Ruffalo’s character, but it does all actually make sense. As he tells the French detective – after his father’s death, he had to re-invent himself, and his entire life after that, including becoming an FBI agent, was all an act/illusion. You have to understand that he, himself, is considered an amazing magician, because he is the head of the ‘eye’, which means he was inducted at one point, as well, which required extreme magical ability. His big ‘trick’ was being able to wait over 30 years to go after the people responsible for his father’s death and his family’s downfall.

    He went after the maker of the vault (which was poorly made and warped in the water, trapping his father), the company that had his father’s life insurance policy (which ended up being denied), the bank that backed the policy, and the man that caused his father such disgrace that he attempted a stunt that he was ‘not ready for’. This last statement is arguable, since the safe warped unexpectedly – had it stayed in form like it was supposed to, his father would have completed the trick.

    As for the French detective – throughout the film, she talks about sometimes having to believe in faith in something vs. what you think you know to be the truth. She is intrigued by magic and he knew, with all of her statements on faith and trust, that she would be willing to accept his reasoning for doing what he did. He took a leap of faith in trusting that she would not turn him in and was rewarded with her commitment to keeping his secret (represented by locking the lock on the famous Parisian bridge).

    I will agree that it took a few viewings and a lot of thought to fill in most of the apparent holes, but it does make sense if you let it. Luckily, I enjoy magic enough and the visuals were exciting enough to allow for multiple viewings. Hopefully you’ll allow yourself another viewing to try and understand it better the second time around.

    Brave – it is a Disney/Pixar movie. They are never straight-forward and always hold a deeper meaning. The movie was about being ‘brave’, not about the main girl being the central character 100% of the time. She was ‘brave’ by going on an unknown dangerous adventure to save her mother. The movie was not a twist.

    I am Legend – The alternate ending is much better and fits what you wanted – he realized that the vampires were only there to get their female back and that he was, in their eyes, the ‘bad guy’ who had been terrorizing them for years. He was the boogyman they all feared, because he was doing all these experiments on them.

    I believe the alternate ending was supposed to be the director’s version, but was changed for theatrical release to cause a bigger buzz. This happens often and does not mean that it is a bad twist. Even with the ending you saw, it wasn’t a ‘bad twist’. He stayed behind to make sure no vampires followed them through the chute. He sacrificed himself so they could take the samples to the town (which, agreeably, he did not know if it actually existed).

    Yes, there was a risk they would not be able to replicate the vaccine, but I believe it was a CDC safe zone, so the chance they could replicate it was pretty high. The ‘original’/theatrical ending is similar to World War Z – he sacrificed himself knowing that doing so could end in his demise but save the rest of the human race. This is not a ‘bad ending’.

    Another amazing movie with a similar difference in endings is ‘Butterfly Effect’. The alternate ending, where he goes back to in utero and hangs himself, causing his mother to have *another* miscarriage was sad and poetic and fit the movie to a T. It was his only option and was the best ending. It was also the ending the director wanted, but depending on the production company and the star quality of the director, sometimes movies do not end up how the director wants, which is why they release ‘director’s cuts’ and alternate endings. These versions are the ones I purchase 99% of the time, since it is the message the director had the entire time and not just some ending/twist that a studio thought would create more buzz.

    ‘Signs’ – Like others said, signs was about the signs from God to restore the family’s faith. Percieved weaknesses (water phobia, germophobia, asthma, tragic death of Gibson’s wife, etc.) ended up all being the way to start defeating the aliens. Yes, a single rainstorm could have mostly defeated them (although the main family probably would have been dead by then), but the movie was about restoring one’s faith and realizing that small things that seemingly mean nothing can be ‘signs’ from God/higher powers. The movie is not just an ‘alien’ movie – it’s themes run much deeper than that, regardless of how stupid the overall plot was.

    I will agree that the twist in Savages was stupid – I really liked how they all died together, unable to lie without a single person in their group. The secondary ending was a cop-out.

    I already said my peace on ‘Remember Me’, although I will agree that the twist was unexpected in the version released to theaters (the original script was so much better). That said, ti was a good twist and so poignant – it was about a random person that lost their life that day, in the middle of unresolved drama – their story got no closure. That could be said for any of the 3000+ people that died that day and it was actually a great ‘twist’. Granted, I would not call it a twist, but an unexpected ending (as are many on this list).

    I did not see Crystal Skull, so I will not comment on that one. I cannot remember the other ‘twists’, but I do think that you may be over-thinking some of them (or under-thinking). This could have been an excellent list, but most of the ‘terrible twists’ are actually considered excellent by most or are not a twist at all.

    Just because a movie does not follow an expected pattern for the outcome does not mean that it contains a ‘twist’. See ‘Usual Suspects’, ‘Perfect Strangers’, ‘The Game’, ‘Momento’, ‘Fight Club’, ‘The Others’, ‘Primal Fear’, ‘The Illusionist’, ‘Psycho’, ‘The Sixth Sense’, etc. to get a real feel for what an actual ‘twist’ is. From your list, it appears you think it is any time that a movie does not play out directly as it appears it will from the beginning, but that is not what a real twist is. Even the ‘Scream’ franchise is a decent example of twists, with the third act reveal to almost always be an unexpected, out of left-field reveal.

    A real ‘twist’ is when a movie spends the entire plot saying that one thing is real/will occur/will be the end, when it turns out that something completely unexpected is revealed to be the ending. It is almost like a magic trick – the movie sets you up to believe one thing and then magically reveals that they have been slyly tricking you the entire time. ‘Momento’, ‘Fight Club’, and ‘Primal Fear’ are excellent examples of this.

    What your list describes, to be honest, is just a list of 11 mediocre films that ended differently than you thought they would. Some *were* twists, while others were just reveals and others were just out of left field and quite a reach (like Brave).

  127. Libby Dinessays:

    I think the author missed a few vital things about Splice. Dren didn’t “inexplicably” go from good to evil. The point was that the relationship between Dren and Elsa was getting tense. Elsa had issues with her own mother, and as the mother figure to Dren, they were beginning to struggle, as Elsa saw Dren as a child, and hers to control in a way, while Dren had matured, and no longer wanted to be controlled. Elsa ended up cutting off Dren’s poisonous tail after she used it to inflict pain.

    Seducing Clive was not only a way to observe her maturing nature, but also a way to get even with Elsa. However, Clive looked at Dren and saw her similarities to Elsa, whose NA was in Dren, and whom Clive honestly loved. That set Dren off in a jealous tailspin, and since she was already ticked at Elsa, once the metamorphosis began, the rape wasn’t about sex, but about control and power over Elsa.

  128. I’d argue that the creature in splice showed signs of being a predator and evil well before she/he resurrected.

  129. Laurence Almandsays:

    Have none of these writers ever read Linda Seger’s excellent book MAKING A GOOD SCRIPT GREAT ? These flaws must have been obvious when the director read the script, so why did he allow them?
    Perhaps this is an indication of the decline in the literacy of the population, and the decline in the art of writing – and simple reading.

  130. jonathansays:

    in the book that I Am Legend ( same name) is beasd on the guy dies
    in the end he takes a sucide pill when he is captured by the Vampires ( yes it is
    a vampire story ) and learns that they are next steep for humanity
    also this movie is the 3rd time the book has been made into a movie
    last man on earth
    1964 ( vincent price) was the 1st
    Omega man 1971
    ( Charlton Heston ) was the 2nd

  131. Seth Sheltonsays:

    The article’s “Signs” plot twist was not a plot twist it was a reveal … and was ripped off from “Day of The Triffids”

    The plot of Signs wasn’t the invasion.

  132. The batmansays:

    The dark knight rises was never ruined by some plot twist…bane was just her second in command and any comic fan probably already knew this spoiler just by seeing on set photos…..but yeah…kind of like people don’t think of darth vader as just a henchman to the emperor….darth was second in command just like bane…so cool it…..as for signs….they were trying to harvest us…not take over the planet like the dude in the radio said…I guess they wanted to risk it and just go to our planet….plus the whole thing was leading to that end…it was awesome!

  133. William556says:

    Supposedly Luke and Leia weren’t originally siblings. They were intended to become a couple, but for some reason Lucas decided to make them brother and sister by “Return” which makes their prior relationship creepy. But then Lucas also wanted Han to be an alien with the personality of a used car salesman, so…

  134. blargsays:

    you lost my respect of this article as soon as you brought up Star Wars.

  135. jodz11says:

    You missed the point of Remember Me. The ending was sudden, abrupt and senseless, because so were the ending of the lives of all those killed in 9/11. That WAS the point.

  136. Andrew Pricesays:

    Side Effects!

  137. Lord Malthussays:

    I actually figured out the Saw twist about 45 minutes in. The clues are there. Pretty blah movie but got to respect when they give the audience all the tools to solve the big mystery themselves.

    But really the title of this article is “11 Great Films Ruined by Terrible Plot Twists” but it’s more like “3 great films slightly hampered by terrible plot twists and 8 other steaming piles of crap whose plot twists were the least of their problems.

    1. bfg666says:

      “Blah” movie?! As in “too much talk”?

  138. mrceadsays:

    Very true, withholding information for an entire movie then springing it on the audience at the end is just lazy suspense writing. Screenwriters should study the works of Agatha Christie or Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and use simple clues, landmarks and red herrings if they want to build suspense. It’s time tested and it makes for great storytelling. Alluding to some sort of development is much better than a cut and paste approach which is better suited for television or comic books. Let the audience work out the twist and even if they get it all wrong, they are still satisfied since they were emotionally invested.

    1. bfg666says:

      And what do you do when you don’t want the audience to know that there’s a twist coming? Stupid people won’t get the clues but there’s also intelligent folks watching the movies. And sorry but you don’t get EMOTIONALLY invested by using your DEDUCTION skills. Logic has nothing to do with emotions.

      1. Guestsays:

        You have your opinion, I have mine.

  139. I thought Saw’s twist was awesome, and I thought it really put the whole series together. It was the most iconic part. I thought it was genius. I agree with all the others, especially Splice.

  140. Dark Horizongsays:

    You forgot Millian Dollar Baby, a film focusing entirely on the fighter in the fighter, but who, once unable to do what she loves, quits instead of fights.

    1. bfg666says:

      There’s no twist in Million Dollar Baby. Also, that’s not what happens in the film at all: she actually dies because she didn’t quit. By the way, care to explain what you meant by “the fighter in the fighter”?

    2. Brian Graysays:

      I wouldn’t call it a twist as such. It was an emotional sucker punch admittedly. And as for her quitting, would you want to live like that? I know I wouldn’t.

  141. Nicosays:

    You missed the worst possible plot twist… Iron Man 3.

    1. bfg666says:

      How many more of you lemmings are here to say the exact same thing? Don’t you read before posting unnecessary adlibs?

  142. cjohnstonsays:

    ~ I’ll first start with the (biggest) one that i hold in agreement.
    – Now You See Me was …..a absolutely perfectly great way(example) of how to RUIN a film.. So was looking forward to this one; – ..then it got a wrecking ball.

    ~ for the less “fun” part here.
    As i see a(nother) user queried below me; “[kinda] Missing the point …” about The Return of the Jedi and Savages.
    Thought those two movies were AWEsOME. Still Do. LOL
    – …while i’m Positive (lol) *sorry for all this lol stuff….just wantcha to know i’m not tryin to be a jerk; .While i’m Positive that each and every one will hold differing opinions ’bout just about ANY film – …i’m wont to “edit” here that said relationships in each respective film are a bit more…..complicated/involved than what has been enumerated. Not tryin to make this seem like a “cop-out” or the like; …but; imho, the relationships as “played out” (apologies for this usery term) in each film respectively IS/ARE more complex than post would otherwise lead one to believe…..

    *a MAJOR omission i noticed here was LOOPER.

    1. bfg666says:

      I don’t recall a twist in Looper. Waitaminnit… oh, you mean the “reveal” that Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s character was a younger version of Bruce Willis’? Is there a single viewer who didn’t already know this beforehand? Also, there are hints all along the film, most notably in JGL’s body language and facial expressions which perfectly emulate Willis, so that’s not really a twist. And it didn’t ruin anything.

      1. cjohnstonsays:

        *Hopefully i’ll be able to explain this and give it justice…
        ~ In particular, i was referencing the third/fourth act of Looper.
        Specifically the “scene” where Levitt’s and Blunt’s son screams (yells..) and everything in the room goes “Inception-y”.
        THIS – confused the HECK out of me, within the overall context of the film.
        If my memory serves me correctly on all of this, it would have been substantially Better (imho) to introduce this particular detail Wayy earlier in the film instead of when the film is thirty to forty-five minutes from ending.
        As it was – .it left me with a doozy of an aching head wondering: …so How DOES this particular detail actually FIT within the script of this film in the first place??
        *As it is; this was a twist that made NO sense (to me….) and only served to “confuse” and distract from an otherwise substantially impressive sci-fi thriller……
        I would Happily(!) welcome Any thoughts/explanations about this.

      2. bfg666says:

        We knew almost from the minute JGL arrived at the house that something was off with the kid. We didn’t know he was a TK, but we knew he was special. It really doesn’t sound like a twist to me.

      3. cjohnstonsays:

        Fair Enough,lol.
        *i admittedly don’t quite know WHAT i was expecting (per se) at that particular point in the story – just some portion of the script/plot that didn’t feel quite so “shoe-horned” into the film.
        **Maybe viewing it again with your comment in mind would further clear up my own vague confusion, as it were…..

  143. Nice Marmotsays:

    Crystal Skull was never CLOSE to a great movie. It had no chance of being ruined by a plot twist.

    And I’ll never understand why Brave gets so much dislike or hate. Loved it.

    1. bfg666says:

      Because it was not as original as previous Pixar films and more in line with the traditional Disney animated films. I think it’s good too but clearly sub-par for Pixar standards.

  144. J. Jonessays:

    I think you need to watch Saw again. They say in the movie(a few times) that jigsaw likes to watch the game unfold. As for checking the body for vital signs? If you awaken in a derelict bathroom chained across from someone and you’re told the bloody body between you is dead, how often do you say, “hmmm, let me confirm!”

  145. Tinksays:

    You missed “The Mist”. I refuse to watch this because of the ending and warn everyone of it. Totally not like the book and horribly unnecessary. Just didn’t make any sense to me. Would’ve been ok except for the ending.

    1. bfg666says:

      You… refused to watch it because of the ending?! How do you know the ending and how do you know it sucks if you haven’t actually watched it? And on top of that, you prevent people from potentially enjoying it! Way to go, Tink, way to go…

      1. Tinksays:

        I said I refuse…not I refused. Present tense meaning watch it again. Yes I saw the ending and, in my personal opinion, it sucked. It was different from the book.

      2. bfg666says:

        No, present tense doesn’t mean you have watched it in the past. “I refuse to rewatch it” would do that. It’s different from the book, so what? It’s not because it’s different that it automatically sucks. The Shining is different and it’s great.

      3. Tinksays:

        Why are you splitting hairs here and harassing me? It was different from the book was just a fact. My opinion on the ending in the movie was that it sucked. In my opinion it lines up perfectly with this article. I am allowed to give my opinion and personal review just the same as you are. If you loved the ending of the movie then fine, that is your opinion. If you didn’t see it that is even more reason not to comment on my post and to stop harassing me. You aren’t even discussing the movie you are just critiquing my comments. Stop twisting my words around. In my opinion it was ruined by a terrible plot twist…the entire point of this whole thing.

      4. bfg666says:

        Harassing? Stalking every single one of your posts would be harassment. I merely commented one of them.

        I’m not twisting your words. If you don’t want people to misinterpret and/or correct you, you need to learn to use words more carefully. On this note, I’ll leave you be.

    2. Brian Graysays:

      Sorry but I think that was one of the best endings ever. I loved it. Total soul crush and true misery. I hate the happily ever after endings that just sometimes should not be tacked on to a movie

      1. madamesays:

        I am a HUGE King fan, have read all of his writings, loved the novella “The Mist” and fully expected the original, written ending from the book. I saw the film and at the end I had to pick up my jaw off the floor. I could not speak. It fucking rocked

  146. Darien Rachellesays:

    I don’t think Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull was ruined by the end. It was ruined by existing, in my opinion. It definitely didn’t live up to the originals.

  147. Timothy A. Kramarsays:

    In the comics, Bane IS nothing more than a mercenary. A mercenary with chemically enhanced strength, yes, but a mercenary nonetheless. He should have been Hispanic though, Bane was from South America, after all.

  148. rhadagasttsays:

    The whole Star Wars thing was b/c Lucas didn’t write the trilogy all the way through. He made things up as he went along. When Leah was making out with her brother in the first two movies it was b/c Lucas had no idea that she was going to wind up being his sister.

    1. Ambulance Chasersays:

      Yep! True story.

  149. Tonysays:

    Why isn’t Iron Man 3 in this list? I think that most of us can agree that ‘The Mandarin’ (which, by the way, is Tony’s arch-nemesis and one of his most powerful foes in the comics at least and who was so brilliantly portrayed by Ben Kingsley) turning out to be nothing more than a drug-addicted, black-bearded Santa Claus with an English accent, was one of the most disappointing moments in Marvel movie history…

    1. bfg666says:

      No we don’t, and no it wasn’t.

      1. Brian Graysays:

        Sorry but as a long time iron man fan, This Mandarin sucked big time. I waited 3 movies for what could have been a superhero smackdown of epic proportions. Especially if you know what the Mandarin is capable of with his rings.

      2. bfg666says:

        As a long time Iron Man fan (only 2nd to Spider-Man), I’ve always found the original Mandarin waaaay too caricatural. Please refer to my reply to MCpeepants some 10 comments above. Tony’s most dangerous enemy has always been himself, anyway.

  150. hornaceksays:


    “It seems strikingly illogical that neither Adam nor Lawrence would have scrutinized the body to check for signs of breathing or movement.” They were chained to the wall and could not reach Jigsaw’s body. That was the point.

    “If there had been some sort of hint at Jigsaw’s presence in the room with the two men earlier in the film, his ultimate unveiling could have been a great twist, but because it comes out of nowhere …” Yes, that is why they call it a twist. If you can see it coming, it’s not a twist.

  151. Avonsays:

    IRON MAN 3. They took what could have been a great potential villian, The Mandarin, and ruinied him by making him look like a fool/actor, toss him aside and replaces the antagonist role with ALIENS -__-. The mandarin is an extremely intellegent warlord with alien technology that makes gives him unpresidented power and a great match for iron man. But noo, fucking aliens…

    1. Mrblacksays:

      could not agree more, sure it was a surprise twist but totally ruined the character,and what could have been a great recurring villain character.

    2. bfg666says:

      Aliens? What aliens? Also, the comics version of the Mandarin is an overly caricatural villain that would put Dr. Evil to shame should he be transposed to the big screen as is. The twist was hilarious, and I’m sorry but I’d rather laugh from the movie than at the movie, if you know what I mean.

  152. Noconflictssays:

    The plot twist ending in the Planet of the Apes movie you mention is actually closer to the ending of the original novel than was the endimg of the Charlton Heston version.

  153. Jelsemiumsays:

    I don’t know where you got the idea that Rhodes was an incompetent FBI agent. I thought he was a competent agent that was over his head.

  154. Cliftonsays:

    Without reading other comments, I wish to say that I agree completely about Splice. It was a going GOOD movie until the last twenty minutes tore that all away!

  155. Mike Bannwartsays:

    have to 100% agree with Now you see me. It was a great movie until the reveal then it was utter shit. the romance was unbelievable mixed with what you said, oh i will join the fbi and magically get this case and bam everything. Would also add, he went after the Critic because he said bad things about my dad? ugh.

  156. Goodgriefsays:

    Saw should not be on this list. That twist is what actually made the movie as interesting as it was. I agree with all the other choices though. If not for the inclusion of saw, this list would be perfect.

  157. Music for Kidssays:

    Definitely don’t agree on dark knight rises. Thought it was a great `twist’ (even though it was easy to see coming).

  158. Music for Kidssays:

    And the twist in Now You See was set up from the beginning and their were heaps of little clues along the way (and no, he didn’t suck at his job, he was good that’s why he got the case that he himself created). Don’t dismiss a movie because of your own inability to follow a plot.

    1. I agree completely with you on Now You See Me. I loved that movie and there are hella clues along the way – plus it was just a lot of fun. And I agree with EVERYONE on Return of the Jedi – I may have been young when I first saw it but Luke and Leia? No way, even I knew it was Leia and Han and I was like five! Just saying! lol!

  159. jamessays:

    Vincenzo Natali is Canadian, guy.

  160. Tiffysays:

    Ok, I read a few comments here and I’ve seen other articles and whatnot where people talk about how horrible certain movies and how people that like them are either too stupid to know any different or lying. Well, I don’t really fall into either category. But I do think that people analyze some movies too much. I mean, doesn’t that take some of the enjoyment out of them? Why be so harsh on directors/producers/cast? I mean… it’s one thing if the acting is so bad that you can’t get into a movie, but why over-analyze little bitty details? And please don’t get me started on people bitching about the race shit in Star Wars: Phantom. That’s beyond stupid to me. Why not just enjoy movies as you watch them with the understanding that their fiction, and made for entertainment, not for psuedo intellectuals at a friggin’ pretentious coffee shop?

  161. MCpeepantssays:

    Ironman 3, the mandarin, I wish I thought that was clever and not just a stupid twist that just ruined the character completely,I mean that was not the last big
    “surprise” but it just drove the plot hillariously over the cliff.

    1. bfg666says:

      That twist absolutely did not ruin the character. According to All Hail The King, we are yet to see the real Mandarin. And if you take only IM3 into account as a standalone movie, then it means Killian was the real Mandarin, and the fact is Killian was Iron Man’s most dangerous foe to date. Anyway, the Mandarin as seen in the movie is still better than the overly caricatural villain from the comics, who would be fine for a Dr. Evil replacement but certainly not for a more “serious” film.

  162. TnDsays:

    I was about to suggest one movie that could have made this list having being ruined on a horribly bad twist was The Forgotten. But then i also realise that this article is about ‘great’ movies. Lol.

  163. charliehumesays:

    Am I wrong or was the real twist in Saw that the bad guy Michael Emerson was not really a bad guy but also being manipulated? I found that the real surprising part about the ending. Its been a while since i’ve watched it so i may be remembering some of it wrong.

  164. ericmvansays:

    Couldn’t agree more about Splice. Ditto Signs, although I think you actually missed the actual plot twist, which is even stupider: the invaders were not aliens, but demons sent by God to test our faith. (The water that Bo leaves around the house is *holy water*. Yes, and double groan.)

    I disagree about The Dark Knight Rises, but I’ll grant your opinion since you nailed those two.

    I’d add Sunshine to the list — another excellent sci-fi flick that turns into a derivative horror flick for its final act.

  165. TheCloisterBellsays:

    Your ‘I Am Legend’ argument is stupid. Yes the entire film focuses on Robert surviving, but it’s for a reason, it’s so he can find a cure. And when he finally does at the end, he sacrifices himself at the end, not to save the two people he just met, but to save the human race by the cure. And the fact that he spends the entire movie surviving (partly because he doesn’t want to die – who does?), makes his sacrifice for the human race all the more meaningful. And he doesn’t get in the chute because if he did the zombies would have got to them. And all of this isn’t even a twist! It’s an ending.
    Also, your ‘Dark Knight Rises Argument’ is stupid too, I’d argue it but I don’t want to waste my time on this since barely anyone will read it.

  166. TronSheridansays:

    #1 Iron Man 3, Mandarin. Probably the worst plot twist in cinematic history. I know the writer of the article will disagree, but there’s clear, CLEAR evidence in the comments below that it’s one of the worst plots twists in recent memory.

    1. MrCusanellisays:

      agreed, considering he was one of the more dangerous foes for ironman. Where was his magic rings?

  167. syedmusaalisays:

    I hate Django Unchained’s plot twist too. One minute everything ios fine, Leonardo being the most REASONABLE villain in history. Heck he’s letting you go alive, and WITH THE GIRL!!! All he asked was in return was the money that they bid. Heck wasn’t the girl worth it?

    Then suddenly, the doctor starts getting flashbacks, trying to establish him as “Evil”. and BAAM!! the sore loser doctor shoots him, and then says a crappy line instead of being the bad-ass, super-fast gun slinger we saw in the first scene. And goes down without even trying.

    1. Mark Robinsonsays:

      he puts himself Django and Broomhilda in danger for no reason at all. hes been a completely reasonable character the entire movie and then is gonna go off shooting

  168. Jay Jayersonsays:

    The title of this article is 11 *Great* Films ruined…. and yet Now You See Me was the biggest piece of trash to waste 2 hours of my life in recent memory. No single detail could fix that.

  169. RandomB5says:

    The movie with the worst plot twist that I have ever seen is 1981’s “Time Bandits”. I absolutely loved this movie until the last 30 seconds when the boy says “Mom, Dad, don’t touch it, it’s evil!” and of course they both stick there hands in and touch it and are disintegrated, and then Sean Connery, who was the king in the past (forget if he was supposed to be Agamemnon or Solomon) is now a firefighter on the firetruck, winks at the boy and they drive away while the boy stands there trying to figure out what just happened. Pan out to the universe turning into the time map being rolled up and … credits. I still think “WTF!!” when I even think of that ending.

    1. bfg666says:

      You know Terry Gilliam is one of the Monty Python, right? WTF is pretty much their style.

  170. Andrius Kapitanovassays:

    I got a few I can remember… 1 Russian thing, Dolnoboyishiki (I cant spell it properly) and then a few of Bruce Lee’s… like Bruce Lee in New Guinea… how sad! 1st one, the guys Partner Died (in real life), and then in the 2nd, Bruce Lee died, how I wish I could see those with the Original Characters… anyways, nobody will be able to ever bring them back :'(

  171. Met Fan 4 Lifesays:

    I Am Legend didn’t suck because the hero died in the end. I Am Legend sucked because the hero was played by Will Smith in one of his typical demi-god roles – the brilliant scientist/Warrior who can do everything but win in the end. Perhaps it would have been a better film is they inserted Doc Savage as the hero. It would have been equally absurd, off the original storyline, and probably more fun. I expected to see some poor guy struggling to survive in a world where he is the only human, not, well, what we got.

  172. manxman11says:

    The alternate ending for I Am Legend had Will convincing the zombies that he had been trying to find a cure for them and escaping with the woman and child. This was infinitely more satisfying than the ending shown in theaters. Will was the hero and we all wanted him to live! Who was the moron who decided to release the downer of an ending? See the alternate ending on Youtube!.

  173. Zatasays:

    saw the twist doesn’t come from nowhere, the detectives hint to the audience how the jigsaw killer likes to have a “front row seat” to his crime scenes, that most people didn’t find that hint significant is what makes the twist good, the hint was suddle and there for forgotten till the end when the dead body begins to rise. i think your wrong on this one buddy. in fact the twist was the reason why this movie got so huge, because lets be honest saw is a good “B” movie at best but the ending catapulted the flick to the moon.

  174. Iker Pagoagasays:

    No valid point for SAW, the real plot twist isnt in the 1st movies but you discover it in the 7th. There wasn’t any corpse, it was just the main character decieving them by building an atmosphere of death in the room, they could have not noticed he was alive because technically he wasn’t if you have seen the sequels you discover he drank a drug to lower his pulse so they think he was dead, also the bullet scar in the head was kind of a hint that he was dead…

  175. Jack Madisonsays:

    I totally agree about Signs.
    Mel becoming a priest again and the aliens interaction with water being fatal? Huh? Besides, this means the aliens couldn’t even walk around when they were because there is Dew on the ground…..And it showed them basically naked…. so, ya….sorta dumb.
    I think a better ending would have been that we somehow summon another alien race which repels the 1st set of aliens and Mel ends up owning the pizza joint they all ate at in the middle of the film
    It was a really really good movie….in fact, so good I don’t mind watching it a few more times in the future….However…..
    My ending would also open it up for sequel or in the very least the same actors. I thought the children and Joaquin did an excellent job….as did the cop and Mel.

  176. Unique Artworksays:

    loved the sex scene with dren and her male maker

  177. notatallpcsays:

    The college humor version is brilliant

  178. Christ_Monkeysays:

    Really, what is everyone’s major problem with Indy Jones and
    the crystal skull? Is the premise of aliens interacting with an ancient
    civilisation really that hard to believe compared to the Ark of the Covenant
    and the Holy Grail? Both hocus pocus stories based on a book of farfetched occurrences

    It’s still a fun romp with Indy. My main sigh moment is the scene
    were his son and the monkey look at each other’s hair styles, while he’s swinging
    tazanesque after the vehicle chase.

    1. bfg666says:

      Everyone’s major problem is that it failed to live up to its predecessors. Big time.

  179. mikesays:

    Splice was terrible from the beginning. There was nothing about that movie that was good except that Adrien Brody was in it…but all I could think was “what are you doing in this film, Adrien?”

  180. Anonymoussays:

    star wars was awesome >:(

  181. Claysays:

    Now You See Me had some plots that were not well thought out. For instance, the thing with the car wreck. Funny how they just happened to know that he was going to steal the black car, and at the same time they previously had a black car hidden inside a bus. And then the twist at the end. Duh. Like some guy is going to follow the four horsemen around, get into fist fights with them, dive down laundry chutes, and all sorts of stuff like that, but he’s really the leader all along. I feel insulted that the producers would think that my mind would buy into such a thing.

  182. Christopher Martinezsays:

    it wasn’t the plot twist that ruined batman rises, it was the shitty script with the clueless batman that was an idiot

  183. JLOsays:

    No Iron Man 3’s Mandarin plot twist? i would say that’s the worst ever! taking one of marvel’s major villains and reducing him to a mere actor.. waste of ben kingsley and the mandarin character…

  184. Lacey Wsays:

    You are absolutely WRONG about Remember Me. The ending is what made this movie memorable. You don’t see it coming, it explains the classroom scene in the beginning, and it reminds you that you do NOT have all the rest of your life to make it up to your loved ones.

  185. MCDexXsays:

    The funny thing is that the idiotic silver bullet in Signs created such outrage that is obscured the actual worst plot twist in the film, a slightly softer but ultimately far more disturbing one. God killed Mel Gibson’s wife in an incredibly horrible way in order to send him and his brother a short, cryptic message that wouldn’t make sense until months later. When Mel Gibson works this out, HE FORGIVES GOD AND BECOMES A PRIEST AGAIN. Damn it, God, don’t you know how to send a fucking SMS???

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