10 Formerly Great Actors That Have Completely Lost Their Way


There’s little else more tragic than watching a great actor’s career go to the dogs. It’s no surprise when lesser performers fall by the wayside, the movies moving on as they fail to prove they belong (*cough* Orlando Bloom *cough*). But it doesn’t just happen to the substandard and the shoddy – it happens to the best of them as well.

In cinemas right now is a little film called Dirty Grandpa, a dirty old man bawdy sex comedy starring Zac Efron and none other than double Oscar-winning legend Robert De Niro. The film’s been trashed so far, called by some critics a low point for the actor. What those critics are failing to realize, however, is that Bobby De Niro seemingly gave up years ago.

He’s not the only one, either. Here, then, are ten other great actors that, far from living up to their potential or repeating the glory of days past, are currently drifting in a sea of cinematic mediocrity.