The 10 Greatest Comic Book Movies That Were Never Made


If you’re not sick of comic book movies yet, you might be soon. With nearly 30 of them scheduled to come out over the next five years, and several more in development and jockeying for their own share of the box office pie, there will be no shortage of heroes, villains, and world ending calamities.

Still, the movie business is fickle, and there’s a good chance that at least two or three of those 30 some-odd movies might not end up on the big screen at all, stuck forever in development hell. They’ll be in good company, too, because for every Avengers, or Dark Knight, there’s a Justice League Mortal or a Batman Triumphant.

Not sure what we’re talking about? That’s okay, because you’re here today to learn more about the 10 greatest comic book movies that were never made.

Why are they the greatest? In some cases, it’s the talent attached. In other cases, it turned out to be the wrong idea at the wrong time. Others still are just so wildly misguided that you have to wonder how the movie came so far along in the development process that they quite nearly came to be. From Batman to Superman, to the Watchmen and the Fantastic Four, some of our favorite characters have fallen prey to the occasional bad luck, and we’re going to look back on 10 of them.