The 10 Most Iconic Moments In Star Wars Movie History


With frozen Han hanging on Jabba the Hutt’s wall and Princess Leia chained up as the slug’s sexy slave, Luke Skywalker leads the rescue attempt on Jabba’s sail barge. Alas, it goes wrong and, after facing the Rancor, Luke looks about to meet his doom in the Sarlaac Pit. But, he might have some tricks left up his sleeve….

The assault on the sail barge is simply one of the most thrilling Star Wars action scenes, ever. There are just so many famous elements to it. Luke being awesome with his newly-unveiled green lightsaber, Bobba Fett’s memorable – if infamous – death, Leia strangling Jabba with the chains of slavery – the list goes on.

A worthy mention should also go to Jabba the Hutt’s big reveal earlier in the movie. Assuming you didn’t first see the original trilogy through the more recent special editions, this scene was the first time we’d seen the intergalactic gangster in the slimy flesh. Combine that with the equally iconic – though for more dubious reasons – sight of Leia in a slave girl outfit, and you have one hell of a memorable scene.

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