10 Scenes We’d Love To See In The Justice League Director’s Cut


It was always going to be impossible for Justice League to live up to the years of hype, so we probably should have expected the inevitable mixed reception to the movie upon its release earlier this month. It didn’t help, though, that – as some fans are putting it – Warner Bros. sabotaged their own film by removing a ton of footage from the finished product.

You no doubt know by now all about how Joss Whedon helmed the reshoots for Justice League, changing much of the tone and structure of Zack Snyder’s initial vision in the process. While some appreciated the film’s breakneck pace and love of yucks, many others are holding out for an extended cut to be released at some point, so they can see what the blockbuster looked like before it was altered by Whedon and the studio. In fact, a petition on the subject has been started and has since earned over 100,000 signatures.

To misquote Bruce Wayne, the world needs a Justice League Director’s Cut. And, if we’re to get one, these are just some of the deleted scenes that we need to see in it. As always, if you feel that we’ve missed anything, be sure let us know in the comments section below.