The Top 10 Marvel Characters Who Deserve Their Own Film

Comics are king. Or at least that’s what the box office shows. The two biggest films of the year? The Avengers and The Dark Knight Rises, both based on comics. Only The Hunger Games has kept The Amazing Spider-Man from rounding out the yearly box-office podium and that financial success will likely continue with this week’s release of The Avengers on Blu-Ray.

Naturally, with this box office success comes more movies of the same genre. Marvel has been cranking out two films a year for the last few years, with talks of possibly upping to 3 a year, and has experienced massive success with almost all of them.

They also recently announced their plans through the end of 2014 which include a Guardians of the Galaxy movie and an Ant-Man movie.

Fans will certainly be happy to see both of those comic adaptations hit the big screen, but what comes after that? Many quality characters are still without their own live-action film, or without any representation in film at all. In order to ease Marvel‘s decision making process I’ve compiled a list of 10 Marvel characters who deserve their own film.

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