The Top 10 Marvel Characters Who Deserve Their Own Film

Black Panther

There was an uproar from Black Panther fans when Marvel announced their 2014 films and T’Challa wasn’t on the slate, so you know people want this movie to get made. Most well known for being the first black superhero to appear in comics, Panther would be a great choice for an upcoming Marvel film.

The rulers of Wakanda, a small African country, are known as the Black Panthers, the defenders of their people. T’Challa takes the throne after spending years abroad studying in Europe and America.

Wakanda is best known as the main source of the extremely rare vibranium. Yes, the same vibranium that makes up Captain America’s shield and is discussed in Iron Man 2, so the story already has a firm foothold in the current Marvel films.

Black Panther at one point joins the Avengers too, originally to spy on them from within, but eventually trusts in them and regards them as friends. This makes him a possibility for The Avengers 2, but I think he’d be better suited in his own film.

The film could explore the legacy of the Black Panther, delving into the struggles of T’Challa as he tries to live up to the legacy of his family, and especially that of his deceased father. It’s a recipe that has worked time and time again for movies and Panther would be no different.

The most logical villain for the film would be Ulysses Klaw. Klaw fits perfectly in a story focused on the legacy of The Black Panther considering he was the one who killed T’Challa’s father. When him and T’Challa first battle, T’Challa successfully cuts off Klaw’s hand, yet instead of inhibiting Klaw, that allows him to be fitted with a dangerous vibranium prosthetic which fires sound waves.

Using the main resource of Wakanda to defeat its ruler once again raises the theme of one man’s defense is another’s weapon, the same theme which fueled The Dark Knight Rises to be such a powerful film. Transfer a little of that to the Black Panther film and Marvel could have something really special.

However, it has also been rumored that one of the scripts being worked on has Erik Killmonger as the villain. Killmonger is a major nemesis of Panther, having led uprisings against him and the Wakandan government, which would possibly lead to a more politically based film. Killmonger also had pet leopards who obeyed him. I can’t think of many things more intimidating than that.

One thing they have to be careful with here is the casting. A major actor wouldn’t be as believable as an African ruler as someone more unknown would be. Anthony Mackie had said he’d be interested in the role prior to being cast as Falcon for Captain America: The Winter Soldier, and there has also been talks of Wesley Snipes in the role, but I almost think someone who is actually African may be a better fit.

That being said, Marvel has done a pretty great job of casting their heroes recently, so I trust that they’d find a perfect fit for the Black Panther.


Fans love a good anti-hero, and there may be none better than Deadpool. There may not be a new comic book character more celebrated and more loved than the merc with a mouth. With some awesome regen-powers and quicker quips than Spidey himself, it’s an absolute shame a Deadpool movie hasn’t happened yet.

Superhero films have become very serious, and Deadpool could provide an excellent change of pace. The guy knows he’s a comic book character and that aspect, if done well, could play out very well on screen. That being said, the fact Deadpool breaks the fourth wall and cracks jokes doesn’t mean this movie would be any less badass. Deadpool has Wolverine’s regeneration powers, making him basically unstoppable. He is an expert with his swords, and isn’t afraid to use guns along with his super reflexes when it comes to combat.

Ryan Reynolds was awesome in X-Men Origins: Wolverine. The scene where Wade Wilson is destroying bullets with his swords is probably the best scene of that whole movie, but the creative liberties Fox took on the character in the second half of the movie were outrageous. Forget the final scene and picture having a full two hours of scenes just like that first one.

I see no reason to worry about casting. Reynolds has shown he’s perfect for the role. In his minimal screen time he captured the annoying smart-ass that Deadpool is quite effectively. He’s voiced his desire for a solo film, and a film with Cable, meaning if the script is right (and maybe even if it isn’t), he’s in.

The Cable and Deadpool comics have a dedicated fan base, and a film showing them teamed up would be epic. If they used one of the story arcs from that comic and then had Deadpool and Cable battle, we’d have such a great film on our hands. The ongoing debate between fans over which of the two would ultimately win a final battle means that the result of the film would leave one camp infuriated, but that shouldn’t make Marvel shy away from that phenomenal battle.

Another interesting story could be the recent arc where Deadpool gets rid of his regen-powers. The mortality he’s now faced with, after previously being able to take whatever came his way, ups the stakes significantly. Granted, to do this arc a film would have to first portray him before losing the power so that may be better suited for the middle film of a Deadpool trilogy.

The Deadpool game is getting a ton of fans excited, and from what we’ve seen, it looks like it’s going to be an awesome portrayal of the character, but a game isn’t nearly enough to quell the fans’ desire for Deadpool. Marvel needs to make this movie now, while Deadpool’s fandom is at its pinnacle.

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