10 Easter Eggs You Probably Missed In Captain America: Civil War


10) The Winter Soldier’s Homecoming


Seeing as Civil War introduces Spidey into the MCU, we expected there to be some foreshadowing of his upcoming solo movie, Spider-Man: Homecoming. An unexpected, and hidden nod, however, is the name dropping of the actual title.

One of the codewords that trigger Bucky’s Winter Soldier mode is ‘homecoming,’ while others include ‘one,’ ‘nine,’ ‘seventeen’ and ‘freight car.’ These are presumably references to Captain America being born in 1917 and Bucky dying after falling out of a freight train.

Also, the HYDRA agent who brainwashes Bucky in the flashback scene – and who is later tortured by Zemo – is Vasily Karpov. He’s a character lifted straight from Ed Brubaker’s celebrated comics run, which has been a huge influence on the Captain America movies as a whole.

Finally, at one point, Steve and Bucky reminisce about the good ol’ wartime days and mention that Barnes used to date a girl called Dot. This couldn’t be Agent Carter’s femme fatale Dottie Underwood, could it?

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