10 Easter Eggs You Probably Missed In Captain America: Civil War


9) Black Widow And Bucky’s History


When Bucky goes all Winter Soldier again he attacks Natasha, to which she quips, “you could have at least recognized me.” Fans will take this as a reference to their meeting in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. However, it’s probably a nod to a bigger shared history between the characters in the comics.

In the comic book Civil War storyline, it’s revealed that Natasha and Bucky actually had a relationship back when they were both working for the Russians. Bucky was also one of Romanoff’s mentors at the Red Room. While the movie doesn’t make the same revelation, it is alluded to in that one line.


Once again, Bucky also holds Cap’s Shield at one point, just as he did in the previous Captain America films. Is this yet another hint that he will become the next Captain America?

Also, for an extra easter egg that you probably missed….Bucky’s prison is labelled D23, a reference to the official Disney fan club.

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