10 Movies That Are The Black Sheep Of Their Franchises

X-Men Origins Wolverine movie image Hugh Jackman

If a film is lucky (aka lucrative) enough to spawn a series, the law of averages dictates at least one sequel will suck. And not just suck, but suck really, really bad. It may even be so poorly regarded that afterwards the franchise will semi-reboot, with the next movie ignoring it completely.

The reasons these entries are poorly received vary from case to case. Maybe it tried to mix up the mythology or series formula, resulting in a critical backlash. Or it followed the formula so rigidly that it brought nothing fresh or interesting to the table. It could even be that the movie wasn’t bad on its own merits, it just doesn’t neatly fit in with the other entries.

And just like every family has one weird uncle who doesn’t get invited to reunions, these black sheep sequels are routinely shunned by fans. Here, then, are 10 such cases, where we got sequels that just couldn’t compare to their predecessors.