10 Movies That Are The Black Sheep Of Their Franchises

10) The Incredible Hulk

Before Marvel Studios became a relentless money eating monster, they had to gamble on audiences wanting to see a shared cinematic universe for their characters. They got off to a great start with Iron Man but the reboot of The Incredible Hulk wasn’t a huge (Hulk) smash at the box office and has since been overlooked in the subsequent movies.

There was no direct sequel since Marvel had a public falling out with star Ed Norton over the tone of the film, leading to him being replaced with Mark Ruffalo in The Avengers. Furthermore, the events of the movie have rarely been brought up, and outside of William Hurt’s reappearance as Thunderbolt Ross in Civil War, an argument could be made that it has been completely cast out of continuity.


9) Alien vs. Predator: Requiem


Alien vs. Predator is hardly beloved, but its biggest sin was taking a geeky idea and making it bland and forgettable. The follow-up, however, is an insult to both franchises, their long-term fans and cinema itself. Bad actors run around spouting horrible dialogue and dying gory deaths. Occasionally, the title monsters will fight, but it’ll be impossible to see anything since the lighting is so poor.

The worst thing about Requiem is how relentlessly mean-spirited it is. None of the characters are likable, children die painful deaths and a pregnant woman is force-fed alien embryos which then burst out of her stomach. The filmmakers seem to think this is cool and hardcore; instead, it’s gross and tacky.