10 Things We Want To See In The Power Rangers Sequels

10) Going Beyond Angel Grove

2017’s Power Rangers made the right decision to take the incredibly long-lasting franchise back to basics. For instance, the movie was set entirely – well, apart from the opening flashback sequences – in the small coastal town of Angel Grove, which was also the setting of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. 

For future movies, though, we would love it if the franchise branched out from this location and embraced the space-faring, galaxy-spanning turn the TV show took as it went along. For those who don’t know, Power Rangers series have been set in Earth-orbiting space stations, alien jungles and even in a dystopian future.

While the movie came up with a neat way of explaining why alien nasties will keep invading Angel Grove – it’s the location of the powerful Zeo Crystal – there’s too much cinematic potential in the other locations that the franchise has explored for the next five movies to confine themselves to a small seaside town.