10 Reasons Why Warcraft: The Beginning Might Be The Worst Film Of The Year So Far

9) It’s Confusing


Jones has admitted his original cut of the movie ran at 2 hours and 40 minutes. The film, as it stands, is just over two hours long, meaning almost a third of it was scrapped in order to streamline for theatrical release. Jones claims his longer version fleshes the story out better. Whether you believe that or not, upon seeing the film you might well wonder if a less confusing version of the plot could be found in those excised 40 minutes.

Often, it feels like Jones’ familiarity with Warcraft might also be a hindrance. His film assumes even casual moviegoers will already know the workings of that world and its numerous factions. It’s a bold assumption, as anyone not familiar with the game will probably be scratching their head for a good portion of the movie.