10 Superheroes That Are Much Better As Supporting Characters

Despite their superpowers, unlimited bank accounts and figure-hugging outfits, superheroes are very much like us ordinary plebeians. You see, some of them are born to be great: to go out and save the world while their logos adorn lunchboxes and boxers everywhere. And then there are others who’re meant to be there as well – albeit a little quieter.

Not everyone can be the leading star, you know. There’s always a need for supporting characters and sidekicks in every story. Don’t believe us? Then, why does Batman recruit more Robins than common sense would encourage? It’s because they serve a purpose – to him, to you, to us.

Unfortunately, the comic book world sometimes tries to make this supporting cast bigger than what it should really be. That’s why it’s important to sift through what we’re being fed and identify whose name shouldn’t be up there in the neon lights.

So, without further ado, here are 10 superheroes that are much better as supporting characters.