10 Things We Know So Far About How To Train Your Dragon 3


Arguably the finest new animated movie franchise this decade is the How To Train Your Dragon series. Released in 2010, the first film was a delightful, heartfelt and beautifully-animated effort from Dreamworks – perhaps their best movie since Shrek. Even more remarkably, the sequel was just as good, if not better.

Rather than reheating the plot of the original, HTTYD 2 expanded and added depth to the story as well as going in a much darker direction. Through both movies, the boy/pet love between protagonist Hiccup and his faithful, adorable dragon Toothless has been the biggest draw and selling point. A relationship that’s up there with the standout double acts of Pixar.

Ever since the second movie landed in 2014, fans have been eagerly awaiting the third instalment in the series. While other franchises that shall remain unnamed have churned out multiple sequels and suffer from diminishing returns, it’s refreshing that the makers of these films are taking their time to make sure that each entry is as good as the last.

So, while we wait for our next trip to the dragon-filled Viking village of Berk, let’s see what we actually know about How To Train Your Dragon 3.