10 Key Things We Learned From The Spider-Man: Far From Home Trailer


At last, the first trailer for Spider-Man: Far From Home was slung onto the web today, bringing us our long-awaited first look at the friendly neighborhood wall-crawler’s second solo movie in the MCU. We last saw Tom Holland’s Peter Parker turning to dust in Tony Stark’s arms in Avengers: Infinity War, so fans were really anticipating this trailer for the assurance it’d bring that he’d end up alright in the end.

While we know that Peter will be back on his feet, this being the life of Spider-Man, it’s not going to be plain-sailing for him. In Far From Home, the high schooler goes on a vacation across Europe over the summer with his friends, but proves unable to escape his double identity when Nick Fury comes calling, looking for help in stopping some giant rampaging monstrosities. And then there’s this mysterious guy in the fishbowl who looks like Donnie Darko…

So, what more did this trailer tell us about Spider-Man: Far From Home? Well, watch it again in the player above and then read on for 10 key things we learned from the footage about this highly anticipated sequel.