10 Key Things We Learned From The Spider-Man: Far From Home Trailer


May And Happy Are A Thing Now?

Spider-Man: Far From Home Still

There were lots of theories after Tony flirted with May in Captain America: Civil War that Iron Man might end up getting together with her and become Peter’s new uncle. Seeing as Tony has since patched things up with Pepper, that’s off the cards now and instead, it looks like May’s seeing one of Stark’s employees: Happy Hogan.

The trailer shows Happy arriving late to the charity event with a large check, whereupon he trades awkward compliments with May in front of Peter, who senses that there’s something going on between them with horror. Happy and May didn’t share any screentime in Homecoming, but clearly they’ve got closer since then. Which suggests that it’s still Happy’s job to watch over Peter on Tony’s orders.

No doubt some fans will claim that this is another example of Marvel wiping away the memory of Uncle Ben, when May’s actually had numerous other romances in the comics – she was married to J. Jonah Jameson’s dad for a while, for instance.

Speaking of Uncle Ben, though…

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