10 Things You Need To Know About Gotham City Sirens


There’s no denying that Suicide Squad was one heck of a divisive film. While critics largely lambasted it, the movie has garnered quite a lot of fans and overall, Warner Bros. was pretty happy with it, seeing as it made nigh on $750 million at the worldwide box office. So happy, it turns out, that they’ve paired Suicide Squad‘s director, David Ayer, with its breakout star for a new project.

That’s right. David Ayer and Margot Robbie will again team up for Gotham City Sirensa newly announced movie coming to the DC Extended Universe in the next few years. This is presumably the final form of the Harley Quinn solo film that was touted a few months back. We knew that it was likely to feature other female DC characters, but it isn’t until now that we knew it would focus on the Sirens.

Just who are the Gotham City Sirens, though? Read on for 10 things to know about both the comic book series and the movie based on it.