10 Things You Need To See In Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice’s Ultimate Edition


When Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice disappointed many upon its arrival back in March, fans held out hope that the planned Ultimate Edition, which would add in a whole thirty minutes of excised material, would improve the film considerably. Well, now the extended cut is available to buy on digital download (and arrives on DVD and Blu-Ray on the 17th), but how does it measure up?

The general consensus is that, though the Ultimate Edition clears up some lingering plot holes of the theatrical version and includes a few welcome character beats, it isn’t so radically different that it would make those who originally disliked the film suddenly fall in love with it.


If anything, the extended cut just emphasizes the movie’s grim tone and its wandering narrative. If you did enjoy Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice in cinemas though, you should definitely check out this new cut for more of what you liked the first time around.

That being said, I’m sure many of you are wondering what the biggest additions and changes are in the Ultimate Edition. There’s definitely a considerable amount, but here are the 10 most significant things you need to look out for if you’re going to give Zack Snyder’s divisive film another shot.