10 Tom Holland Movies That You Can Stream Right Now

Tom Holland

Thought you’d had your Tom Holland fill? Think again. Unless you hadn’t had that thought – you guys are welcome aboard, too.

Here are a bumper 10 movies featuring the puppy-faced Brit which you can currently stream, though you’re going to have to have a lot of different subscriptions. If you’re subscriber to all the major players, however, there’s plenty to tuck into, and here’s the full list:

These aren’t all the Tom Holland movies you can stream at the moment, of course, just some of them. I’m going to sneak in The Devil All The Time as well, a newly-released Netflix thriller that’s getting a lot of love from audiences.

As for the above list, it wouldn’t be a Tom Holland round-up without a few Marvel films and there are three here. Does anyone need background on any of them at this point, though? Box office numbers aren’t the be all and end all for popularity, but they did gross $4 billion between them.

Let’s look at some of the less well known titles as well. Family-friendly animation Onward was a graduate of the cursed Class Of 2020, releasing too close to the pandemic shutdown to recoup its costs, while Spies in Disguise, on the other hand, had no such excuse for its underwhelming performance but is now available on HBO Max for a re-evaluation. More intriguing than either of those, though, is The Impossible, a dramatization of a Western family caught up in the Boxing Day Tsunami that really put the young actor on the map.

Thinking of checking out any of Tom Holland‘s many movies, strewn as they are across every corner of the internet? If so, give us your picks of the bunch in the comment section below.