10 Video Game Properties That Deserve Another Chance On The Big Screen

Super Mario Bros.

None of us can ever rinse the stain that was 1993’s Super Mario Bros. from our minds. It reached new levels of suckage and provided further conclusive proof that drug abuse is rife in the film industry. I mean, even the late actors Bob Hoskins and Dennis Hopper couldn’t save this train wreck from crashing and burning in a seismic explosion. At least the Goombas were awesome, right?

That said, Mario is like printing money for Nintendo. Every game flies off the shelf as the Italian plumber remains one of gaming’s most recognizable icons. He and his brother, Luigi, are as much a part of popular culture as the likes of Superman or Spider-Man. So, why hasn’t this beloved character found his way to the big screen again?

With the technology available nowadays, it’s possible to create a more true-to-character film than ever before. One thing’s worth noting: it’s important that the filmmakers don’t attempt to reinvent or modernize Mario’s colorful world. Let the talking mushrooms and dinosaurs roam free, because this is one franchise that’s meant to be whacky and crazy.