A What-Nado? The 10 Wackiest Natural Disaster Movies



Despite humanity still standing tall and challenging death’s array of obstacles on a daily basis, Hollywood loves showing us all the ways our existence could be eradicated in a heartbeat. While war is a predominant reason for our extinction, leading to nuclear obliteration and senseless killing, these are all fates brought upon by our own doing. Country against country, army against army, we can see these attacks coming, but what about the threats we cannot predict? What about the daily harm we cause Mother Nature? It’s only a matter of time before she strikes back with a vengeance, as we can’t even fathom the most dastardly natural disasters still to come our way – or can we?

Disaster movies are a thing of blockbuster proportions, looking at films depicting every kind of tornado (Twister), earthquake (Earthquake), Volcano (Volcano), and imaginable catastrophe (2012/The Day After Tomorrow) known to man. The latest film to show humans how fragile life can be is Into The Storm, Steven Quale’s “tornado on steroids” movie about a small Southern town facing the storm of the century. These types of films are mass chaos achieved on a gigantic scale, through means that are typically just everyday parts of nature – emphasis on the word “typically.”

Sometimes Hollywood likes to have fun with natural disasters, exemplifying the outrageous ways Mother Nature can strike back or our lives can be threatened by even the slightest magnetic pull. These films usually aren’t meant to be taken seriously, unless you’re a kooky conspiracy theorist, but when thinking about all the ways Earth has survived an onslaught of ridiculousness, I thought it might be fun to venture back through the mutated tornadoes and unlikely animal attacks for a dissection of the zaniest, head-scratchy-est natural disaster movies in history.

Hope you enjoy my take on the 10 wackiest natural disaster movies.

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