10 Things That Could Make The Batman Truly Great


Is there a standalone comic book movie more highly anticipated than The Batman? It’s been five years since the last standalone Bat-flick with 2012’s The Dark Knight Rises and fans need their fix. Thankfully, it seems we won’t have to wait for much longer. With Matt Reeves (fresh off of the Planet of the Apes trilogy) at the helm and Ben Affleck ready to go as the Caped Crusader, audiences can have faith in the right people having creative control over the project.

The question is, though how should the movie be done? With a new script being written, it’s unclear just what direction the project could go in. For instance, are they going to do a part-adaptation of a classic storyline, or go for something entirely unique and fresh?

All fans can do right now is simply theorize and make their own personal picks and predictions. Here, we’ve done exactly that, as we’ve taken a look at 10 possible directions that Matt Reeves can go in with the film so that both fans and casual viewers can get a truly great moviegoing experience that lives up to what The Dark Knight trilogy did – if not surpass it.

Read on for our suggestions and be sure to let us know what you’re hoping to see from The Batman by commenting below.