10 Things That Could Make The Batman Truly Great


10) A Face-Off Between The Batman And A Childhood Friend

The story of Tommy Elliot is one that serves as a challenge geared more towards Bruce Wayne than Batman. A childhood friend of Bruce, Elliot grew up both obsessed and resentful of his billionaire-born best friend. After a stint in Arkham following a particularly violent act, he utilizes a unique method of causing distress for Batman and company to confront.

The Hush storyline is one that offers up the opportunity to go back to Bruce Wayne’s childhood without retreading the typical ground seen in previous films. Seeing how he was around his fellow classmates and friends would provide an intriguing (and personal) look into how he was treated during the days where he was just another young boy struggling to get along with the other students in his class (but with a billion dollar inheritance).

Hush’s inclusion could allow the film to be a personal battle for Bruce as well, who not only has to fight an opponent that he holds childhood ties with, but also someone who picks a particularly devious (and unique) way to take revenge on his former childhood buddy.

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