The 10 Weirdest Things That Shia LaBeouf Has Ever Done


8) Trying To Start A Fight With A Stranger Outside A NYC Strip Club


In July 2014, about a week before his Broadway outburst (more on that later), Shia was caught on video outside of a NYC strip club trying to start a fight with someone.

Shia is no stranger to a good ol’ fistcuffs, but the weird thing about this particular event is the location and that the man he was trying to get in a brawl with was a total stranger. Seriously, he was just someone passing by.

Now, I can definitely imagine getting agitated by a wasted self-proclaimed-tough-guy on a Saturday night, but imagine that you’re casually walking along the sidewalk and suddenly out of a nearby titty bar jumps Sam Witwicky, trying to get you to hit him in the face. I have to admit that I would be at least a little bit baffled by the sight, wouldn’t you?

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