10 Witty Halloween Costumes Based On 2013 Movies


Even more than ghosts and provocative costumes, Halloween has become marked by its unoriginality. Year after year, people dress up as the same generic things. I’m no exception to this. As a child I was Zorro 7 times. While Zorro is totally awesome, and I loved wearing a mask and a cape, a little variety would have been nice.

You’d think with only one legitimate excuse a year to dress up as something, people would want to take full advantage of it. Unfortunately, year after year, we see the exact same nurses, vampires, and cats populating our Halloween parties. Well, I say this year it’s time to get original, it’s time to get witty, and of course, it’s time to reference some movies.

In order to help everyone’s Halloween be a bit better, I’ve come up with this list of 10 witty costumes that you can pick from 2013 movies. There won’t be anything on here you can buy at a costume store, but hopefully there will be something that you find worth the effort. I’ve tried my best to come up with some creative picks, so hopefully any of these will keep you from the horrible fate of matching costumes with someone else you see.

Disclaimer: If you do opt for any of these costumes, you’ll likely be asked to explain what you are over and over again. If you’re asked by a non-movie-lover, you may not get the laughter you’re hoping for. I am not responsible for any adverse effects associated with those situations.

So without further ado, read on for my list of 10 Witty Halloween Costumes From 2013 Movies.