The 10 Worst Love Interests In Superhero Movies


The way female characters are portrayed in superhero movies varies greatly in quality, especially when they’re more often than not relegated to being love interests for the male lead and nothing more (something which now looks set to change thanks to Captain Marvel and Wonder Woman). As a result, for every Peggy Carter and Pepper Potts, there’s…well, the sort of characters you’ll find listed here.

Whether it’s due to the performance itself, or the writing (which is usually the case), what you’ll find in this article are some of the worst examples of love interests in Marvel and DC Comics films. From the ones who ended up making your favourite superhero look like a fool to those who were handled appallingly and not given the chance to shine as they do in the comics, the names listed here are the worst of the bunch.

Admittedly, there aren’t too many strong, well written choices out there when it comes to love interests for superheroes in the movies, but these 10 certainly didn’t do the films they were in any favors.