The 10 Worst Movies Of 2013

After Earth

What makes a movie one of the worst of the year? One might think it’s the irrepressible stink of terribleness, but most crummy movies usually have some redeeming qualities, like a cool action sequence, awesome special effects, or Kevin Spacey.

So what makes a Top 10 Worst Film of the year? One of two things: either ambition let down by the inadequate talent of the filmmakers, or a complete failure of all the films’ faculties, from the acting, the script, the direction and on down through the movie chain of command to the catering.

The year 2013 had a lot of contenders for the not-so coveted Worst of the Year prize, but whether the movie was an unnecessary sequel, a teen romance in sci-fi clothing, or another chance for a coked-up/washed out movie star to get her career back, these 10 films all have one thing in common: they were really hard to sit through.

If you’re looking for a truly unenjoyable viewing experience, then feel free to watch any of the titles listed in this article.

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  1. SubSumeYousays:

    I don’t know what Millar saw in Jeff Wadlow, but the guy SUCKS, the Kick Ass sequel is a clumsy and goofy mess.

  2. merwanorsays:

    Kick Ass 2 was awesome, I really enjoyed it. Iron Man 3 sucked and should be on this list.

    1. SexySuperVillainsays:

      I agree completely. Kick-Ass 2 was fun for the sake of being fun, which is the point of the comic, and I hope they make the third and final film, hell, I’d even watch the Hit-Girl stand alone film based off of her comic series if they went that route. Iron Man 3 disappointed me more than any other film this year. And I liked Movie 43, and I’m not 12, I’m a grown as man!

  3. Bim123says:

    Anybody see the train wreck White House Down? Never knew presidential power can be given to any mouth breather in the room. Murica!!

    1. SexySuperVillainsays:

      That movie sucked, so did Red Dawn…

  4. Beau Carrillosays:

    I just find it funny how the opinions of anyone no matter who can differ so unbelievably so. I gotta disagree with kickass 2 for the reason i really like some of the actors. I loved the hangover III because of the all star comedian talent (theyre just my style of funny).
    Even some of the comments i completely disagree with, iron man III was awesome id hate to see that in this list. To sorta contradict myself i can see why kickass 2 is on this list tho.

    I just dont like to compare sequels and prequels, i keep them in their own universes for example star wars. Then again i love movies and dont let myself set expectations/standards for something i feel i would enjoy. I see too many ppl get excited for a movie and then hate it because of the hype or personal expectations.

    Now a good movie that i fall in love with, thats the truly rare thing for me tho that im sure happens a lot more often for others.

    1. SexySuperVillainsays:

      I agree that sequels shouldn’t always be compared to their predecessors and should be rated for the film they are…

  5. Gambriel β Carrizosays:

    To the wonder.

  6. NotReallyAHatersays:

    In my opinion, Kick Ass 2 is quite good, even though i miss nicholas crazy acting. The most biggest disappointment is Iron Man 3. Same goes to the After Earth, it just horrible to watch.

  7. residentsays:

    Sure, Jayden Smith cant act worth a poop, but the movie was fairly entertaining and the special effects were pretty cool. My son and I enjoyed it quite a bit. It was fun.

  8. John Q Publicsays:

    Hangover 3 was great, Machete Kills was good, Kick Ass 2 was good, are you high????

  9. evilbm3says:

    MOVIE 43?????!!!!!!! Best worst movie I’ve ever seen! Best scene ever…..Stiffler and Jackass kill two leprechauns for the gold coins so a fairy will give them oral favors! Sounds better the way she says it though!

  10. meesasays:

    kick ass 2 and machete kills where GREAT films wtf? this guy has little taste when adding 2 of this years best films into his worst catagory, remind me to ignore you film ratings

  11. Crookedtimber34says:

    Kick-Ass 2 was one of the best films of 2013, granted it wasn’t for everybody but it was dead on entertainment in my book.

  12. Hate Red Dawnsays:

    Terrible article. This left out Red Dawn. That was one of the worst movies of all time, not just 2013.

    1. laquishasays:

      I believe that film came out last year

  13. bert ramdingtonsays:

    Movie 43 was utter crap with only one segments that was even remotely funny – that was the superhero story with Jason Sudeikis and Justin Long.

    1. laurasays:

      Actors wanted to leave project (Movie 43) and wanted no involvement in it when they saw what was actually made as well. I think it was Richard Gere.

  14. vincentsays:

    i skipped kick-ass 2 cuz i dont like the girl character. found her too annoying. but i heard on one review jim carrey’s performance was awesome

    1. SexySuperVillainsays:

      That’s interesting as she is my favorite character, and many others favorite as well, but, to each their own…

      1. vincentsays:

        I take it you’re the one that voted me down?lol..

    2. Patrick Morrissays:

      I also find that pretty interesting, I simply like her as an Actress. She’s got some talent and she had some talent as a young girl too like in “Let Me In”

      I have yet to see “Carrie” But i’m personally a litte skeptical about re-makes.

  15. laurasays:

    What about The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones? I was so hyped for that movie after reading the books but I left the cinema disappointed

  16. Robertsays:

    kick ass 2 was very good. Who cares if it doesnt look like man of steel or iron man? do you need CGI in every film? People are way to picky. This list sucks.

  17. Zionsays:

    Kickass 2 was great and iron man 3 was also great I honestly dont see why people hate these two movies, I thought they were awesome.

  18. Daniella Freitassays:

    KICK ASS 2 ? Fuck you

  19. Patrick Morrissays:

    Yeeeeeeeah you suck at rating movies. Kick-Ass 2 was awesome. I have yet to look at the rest of the list but I’m half way through and don’t really feel like reading more bull shit.

  20. Martysays:


  21. alexsays:

    i fucking 0ved kick ass 2 it was waes0me

  22. pjfreshsays:

    Pretty good list though how could you guys leave out “The Getaway”? Selena Gomez cursing like a sailor, Ethan Hawke phoning it in and the camera cutting ever few seconds. Easily one of the worst major releases of the year

  23. BishiBashisays:

    R U guys kidding? Iron Man 3 rocked!

  24. Dustin Brinnonsays:

    I really don’t understand the whining over IM3. Aw… Tony doesn’t have to be in the suit to be Iron Man? So what? Not only did the movie make it possible for Iron Man to be present without Tony being there physically, it also did a very good job balancing the hero-to-human elements. And as far as the Mandarin goes – genius. One movie I can certainly agree with is Movie 43. Thanks to that movie, I wasn’t able to sit through ‘The Wolverine’ without envisioning balls hanging from the lead character’s chin. On a serious note though, the movie capitalized on everything no movie should solely capitalize on for the sake of – well – capitalization.

  25. williamstackfordsays:

    The cast of Twishite had chemistry? You, sir, should be flogged with a shovel.

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