The 10 Worst Movies Of 2013

After Earth

What makes a movie one of the worst of the year? One might think it’s the irrepressible stink of terribleness, but most crummy movies usually have some redeeming qualities, like a cool action sequence, awesome special effects, or Kevin Spacey.

So what makes a Top 10 Worst Film of the year? One of two things: either ambition let down by the inadequate talent of the filmmakers, or a complete failure of all the films’ faculties, from the acting, the script, the direction and on down through the movie chain of command to the catering.

The year 2013 had a lot of contenders for the not-so coveted Worst of the Year prize, but whether the movie was an unnecessary sequel, a teen romance in sci-fi clothing, or another chance for a coked-up/washed out movie star to get her career back, these 10 films all have one thing in common: they were really hard to sit through.

If you’re looking for a truly unenjoyable viewing experience, then feel free to watch any of the titles listed in this article.