Only 10% Of Zack Snyder’s Footage Made It Into Justice League

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The public has been begging to see the Snyder Cut of Justice League for years now. Especially since everyone who’s seen it claims that the original version of the movie is much better than what fans sat through in cinemas back in 2017. One of the questions surrounding Zack Snyder’s edition though has always been how much of his vision actually made it into the theatrical release. After all, considering that the Snyder Cut is 3.5 hours long, it stands to reason that a good portion of what he put together ended up in the final product. But maybe not.

We knew Joss Whedon performed extensive reshoots after he took over for the director, but it seems we had no idea how much he really changed. In fact, according to Snyder’s Director of Photography, Fabian Wagner, only about 10% of what he shot for Zack is in the movie that was shown to the public.

This means that the Snyder Cut really could be an entirely different feature from the underwhelming film of the same name that Whedon gave us. Whether it’s any better though than what we ultimately got is the big unknown.

In any case, this new revelation from Wagner just makes us even more excited to see the alternate edition of the movie. Whether or not we’ll ever actually get the chance remains to be seen, but we’re still holding out hope until Snyder tells us otherwise. After all, with HBO Max on the way, it really seems like Warner Bros. finally has the perfect outlet with which to release it.

Tell us, though, do you still want to see the Snyder Cut of Justice League, or are you already bored by this seemingly never-ending conversation? Sound off in the comments and let us know what you think!