18 Movies Hit VOD This Weekend, Including Michael Keaton’s Latest


Friday always brings a deluge of new titles to VOD, the majority of which cover the standard mix of low-budget genre thrills and titles the major studios didn’t really know what to do with as the theatrical industry struggles to recover from the crippling effects of the pandemic… However, there are definitely a couple of debutants to have arrived today that just might be worth your time.

Most prominent is The Protégé, a wildly entertaining R-rated actioner from GoldenEye and Casino Royale‘s Martin Campbell, which sees Maggie Q’s elite operative pit her wits against Michael Keaton’s shady crime boss, with Samuel L. Jackson having a blast in a scene-stealing supporting role.

George A. Romero’s classic zombie movie gets the 2D treatment in Night of the Animated Dead, with sequel Escape Room: Tournament of Champions appealing to those who got a kick out of the sleeper hit original. There are another fifteen titles on top of that, though, and you can check out the list below, as per Decider.

This is the Night
  • Night Of The Animated Dead
  • The Protégé
  • Escape Room: Tournament Of Champions
  • This Is The Night
  • I Carry You With Me
  • Coronavirus Conspiracy
  • Boys From County Hell
  • Man In The Field
  • The Power
  • Violation
  • Apache Junction
  • The Evil Next Door
  • Birds Of Paradise
  • Solitary
  • Charlatan
  • The Auschwitz Report
  • Buddy Guy: The Blues Chase the Blues Away
  • God Of War 2

The Purge creator James DeMonaco tries something completely different with coming-of-age dramedy This is the Night, and you can find out what he had to say to We Got This Covered about the film here. The rest is your typical bargain-basement fare, but as the old saying goes; “there’s an ass for every seat”, and that applies in equal measure to both your local multiplex and couch.