2 Classic Adam Sandler Movies Hit Netflix Next Week

Adam Sandler

To the surprise of absolutely nobody, Netflix’s most popular original movie of 2020 so far is an Adam Sandler vehicle. The Sandman’s Hubie Halloween wasn’t the most-watched title on the streaming service overall, an honor that fell on the critically savaged erotic Polish thriller 365 Days, but the continued working relationship between the platform and Happy Madison Productions still continues to be incredibly beneficial to both parties.

Sandler is already hard at work on his next Netflix project Hustle, with some big names attached that aren’t part of his regular troupe, and he’s also signed up for another rare and yet entirely welcome foray into dramatic territory having recently boarded the intriguing existential sci-fi drama The Spaceman of Bohemia that’s set to be directed by Chernobyl‘s Johan Renck.

50 First Dates

Hustle is currently shooting and isn’t expected to hit Netflix until the middle of 2021 at the earliest, but two classic Sandler comedies are being added to the content library next week to ensure that the Top 10 most-watched list isn’t missing his presence for too long. Little Nicky and 50 First Dates showcase both sides of Sandler’s established screen persona, with the former letting him use a stupid voice and aim for the lowest common denominator, while the latter reveals a surprisingly effective romantic lead that sees him generate sparkling chemistry opposite Drew Barrymore.

Little Nicky may have bombed at the box office after failing to come anywhere close to recouping the $85 million budget, but 50 First Dates raked in close to $200 million globally. Both titles are longtime favorites among the Adam Sandler fanbase, though, and like every single one of his movies that gets added to Netflix, you can expect them to crack the Top 10 in no time at all when they arrive on December 1st.