20 Movies You Didn’t Know Were Being Rebooted

With July alone seeing the release of numerous remakes and reboots like Ghostbusters, The Legend of Tarzan and The BFG, it seems that Hollywood is endlessly plundering the treasures of its past instead of creating new properties.

Great movies can come from rebooting an old classic, of course – beloved western The Magnificent Seven was based on Japanese masterpiece Seven Samurai, after all. However, when that film itself is remade – a new The Magnificent Seven, starring Chris Pratt and Denzel Washington, is due out later this year – it’s hard not to get cynical.

But just what other movie reboots are being planned? Well, some of those you hear about are just scraps of hearsay or only in the earliest of stages, but many remakes are coming to a cinema near you whether you like it or not. Here, for your perusal, are 20 movies you probably didn’t realize were being remade. Either that, or you deliberately tried to forget about them.