Ryan Reynolds Is All Smiles In New Free Guy Photos

Free Guy

Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds has more on the go than just Deadpool you know. America’s favourite Canadian (other than Neil Young) has a new film ready for release this December, and it comes in the form of science-fiction/action-comedy/video game bricolage Free Guy. Though that wait is a little longer than had been planned – thank coronavirus, for that – the marketing gurus at 21st Century Studios are still keen to keep the hype alive.

Hence a selection of new stills from the movie, featuring a chirpy looking Reynolds getting to grips with life in the world of Free City. And you can check them out in the gallery below.

As mentioned above, prior to the pandemic, Free Guy had been set for a cinematic run this July. That’s now been pushed back to December 11th, the kind of delay that gives studio big wigs nightmares. Having geared the promotion machinery up once, they’ll now have to do it all over again. Remember, the first trailer for the film was released as far back as last December.

Looking forward to seeing Ryan Reynolds in Free Guy? You’ll have been looking forward for a while. Leave a comment below with your expectations for the movie, though. From where I’m sat (a great space, you should see it), I’m not sure the world needs another video game meta-flic. The plot synopsis for Free Guy, and the general tone of the trailer, has a disconcertingly Pixels vibe going.

Still, keep an open mind and all. Video game movies have just about started lifting themselves from unwatchable garbage to passable fluff. Reynolds himself starred in Detective Pikachu last summer. May Free Guy join that veritably venerated lineage.