24 Movie Suffers A Delay But Antoine Fuqua May Direct

Earlier this year, there was actually hope for the long-gestating 24 movie. Things were looking positive and though many fans thought production was going to get underway, the film has now hit a delay.

Deadline is reporting that both FOX and star Kiefer Sutherland were worried about scheduling issues and so the film has been delayed, once again. Later in the day though, the website updated the article with news that salary and budget issues were also to blame for the delay, which makes more sense.

But, fear not dear reader as there is some positive news. For one, director Antoine Fuqua is in talks to helm, which in my eyes is a good thing and secondly, apparently the story will be spread over a three film arc.

Back to the delay though, it makes me wonder if this one will ever end up getting made. It keeps running into trouble and FOX may can the whole project. That being said, the show still has a large loyal fanbase despite being off the air for a few years and I think a lot of people would throw a fit if they didn’t get their long awaited 24 feature film. I know I would.

How about you? Should FOX pull the plug on this one?