Watch: Baby Shows Off Her Skills In First 3 From Hell Clip

3 From Hell

That’s going to leave a mark!

A new clip from Rob Zombie’s upcoming horror flick 3 From Hell has landed online today and features Vera-Ellen Firefly, also known as “Baby,” hunting a hulking gunman with a bow and arrow. The heart-pounding forty-five second scene (which you can view via the link below, as we can’t embed it here) culminates in Sheri Moon Zombie’s character taking out the man in the luchador mask with a perfect shot to the neck.

If fans needed any more of a clue that the film is going to be a bloody, chaotic adventure for all involved, look no further than this clip. The sequence also raises its fair share of questions, though. After all, it’s currently unknown who this foe is that Baby just sniped, as well as why she’s wearing a Native American outfit. All of these questions and more though will surely be answered when the movie skulks into theaters.

3 From Hell is the third installment in Zombie’s beloved film series and the first in over a decade. House of 1,000 Corpses was the musician’s directorial debut back in 2003 and was so controversial that it was put on hold for three years before finally being released to the public. While the majority of audiences and critics were displeased with the effort, the movie ended up becoming a cult classic and inspired a sequel entitled The Devil’s Rejects two years later.

The follow-up received much more acclaim than its predecessor, seemingly making it an inevitably that Zombie would complete the trilogy. Years passed though and the hope that the filmmaker would produce a third installment faded. But now, fourteen years after the release of the last movie, the horror icon is at last competing what he started nearly two decades ago.

The gratuitously violent 3 From Hell is only playing in select theaters for three nights this fall, and if the movie’s anything like what this clip implies, horror fans would be foolish to miss out on it.