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3 words is all it takes for Michael Keaton’s Batman to send social media crazy

'The Flash' footage at CinemaCon has send the internet into raptures, and all it took was three words from Michael Keaton's Batman.

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Even though the movie has been the subject of some overwhelmingly negative publicity recently due to the repeated transgressions of star Ezra Miller, The Flash nonetheless rocked up to CinemaCon and sent the crowd into a state of total chaos.

Warner Bros. would have known to yank something massive out of the bag in order to deflect attention away from Miller’s stint in the headlines, and the studio pulled it off with aplomb. Not only did the footage on display feature plenty from Michael Keaton’s returning Batman, but it even tickled the nostalgia crowd by dipping into the Tim Burton back catalogue for inspiration.

As you can see from the joyous reactions once descriptions of the sizzle reel made their way online, all it took was three words from the veteran Caped Crusader to instantly generate an entirely new level of hype and anticipation for the multiversal DCEU blockbuster.

Let’s just hope it works within the context of the film, though, otherwise it’s an empty exercise in blatant fan service. Of course, another recent reality-warping superhero spectacular accomplished a very similar feat and brought the house down, when Willem Dafoe reminded everyone that he was something of a scientist himself in Spider-Man: No Way Home.

Following the latest delays, The Flash isn’t coming to theaters until June of next year, which means it could be a while before the CinemaCon sizzler is made available online, if it even is at all. When that happens, we’re all going to get nuts.

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