’300′ Sequel Is Happening

Looks like a sequel to the hit film 300 is happening after all. The Playlist is reporting that director Zack Snyder has completed a writing deal for the comic book Xerxes, which is a prequel to 300.

According to Snyder the film is moving ahead.

“We closed the writing deal on ‘Xerxes.’ We started writing about a week ago,” Snyder said. “So we’re doing it. It’s happening.”

While there is no official confirmation on if Snyder will direct he did have this to say about it.

“It’s really going to depend on what the studio wants to do and what we do when we finish; I don’t have a directing deal in place but we are writing it, so call it intent,” Snyder said.”

I don’t see no reason for Snyder not to direct. He directed the first one and we all know how well that did, plus he’s writing this one so it would make sense for him to direct.

Xerxes will be similar to 300 and will tell a story spanning 10 years, rather than just 3 days. It will include some epic battles and use the same visual style that the first film did. Snyder talked about the story behind the film and had this to say.

“This movie follows Themistocles and the Battle of Artemisium, which coincidentally happens on the exact same three days as the Battle of Thermopylae [which was the basis of ‘300’],” Snyder said. “This one starts off with a quick retelling of the why of the Persian wars. It starts off at the Battle of Marathon and then it goes back to Themistocles finding out that Persians are invading again. And off we go over to learn a little bit about why Xerxes is the way he is.”

As of yet there is no word on whether or not Gerard Butler, the star of the first film, will return for this outing. With Snyder working on the film I’m sure it won’t disappoint. His vision for the first film made it what it was. 300 was a wildly entertaining film that was beyond visually appealing. What it lacked for in story and substance it made up for in its visuals and effects. As long as Xerxes follows in the same style I will certainly be seeing it.